Day 134–Finals Edition

So, finals started today.  I was on the schedule to proctor a final this morning, and then my final was the second in the queue.  Turns out, they “didn’t need me” this morning, so my day literally consisted of playing Words with Friends and cleaning trash out of my room.  It was cuh-razy.  I also don’t have a final to proctor tomorrow either, so I should get lots of grading done.  Gonna be a fun couple of days.

For my weekly trip to the grocery store, the emphasis was on the color green.  Lots of zucchini, lots of salad, lots of kale, leeks, and then some jalapenos, citrus…it was a great haul, which led to two wonderful meals today.  I figured from all the baking (cheesecake, sweet rolls, etc) it was a good opportunity to get back on track.

Breakfast–A single cherry Pop Tart and mango Chobani with honey.  Great way to start the day, especially with the lighter fare I ate the rest of the time.

Lunch–I sauteed some diced potato and onion with a fresno chile, garlic, some craisins (idea courtesy of Jordan Swim) and then topped it all with kale, wilted it down with red wine vinegar, lemon juice, and a splash of honey.  It was INCREDIBLE.  Wonderful meal, would make a great side dish…it’s definitely going to make a repeat appearance on my menu.

Dinner–Summer squash salad.  I took some shaved squash (green and yellow) and red onion and marinated them in lemon juice, olive oil, red wine vinegar, salt, pepper, and garlic, then mixed them together and placed on top of salad greens with some sunflower seeds and slivered almonds.  Season with salt and pepper, and enjoy.

Dessert–The second of my cherry Pop Tarts from earlier.  Still a stupid purchase, but I’m learning to control them better.


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