Day 133–Something About a Horse

Apologies for my lack of posting yesterday.  We were at the St. Germains’ house until close to 12:30 am, after watching my Mavs go up a game (holla!) and watching my first episode of SNL in probably seven years.  The game was awesome…SNL was passable.  I think everyone should just come out and admit that Justin Timberlake is a freakishly talented individual and all men should either admire him or hate him.  There is no middle ground.  I also think we should admit that Lady Gaga is just a freak. Yowza.

Anyways, since we were out so late and I was in charge of teaching class this morning at church, which went extremely well, I didn’t stay up and blog.  Sorry.  It was really good though, because the good times with friends, along with baking sweet rolls from heaven yesterday, and lots of extra sleep, have worked together to renew my faith in myself.  Today was great!

Breakfast–The aforementioned sweet rolls.  Blood orange marmalade, white chocolate, and Nancy’s sweet roll recipe combine into bliss.  Great breakfast, great snack, great dessert…all three of which I indulged in today.

Lunch–We had a Teachers’ Appreciation lunch at Sugar Grove today for those of us that help out with the Sunday morning classes, catered by Fajita Express.  I probably went a bit overboard, but I had two chicken and two beef fajitas with some Mexican rice and pico de gallo.  This is another meal where my aversion to cheese and sour cream helps me BIG time in the calorie department.

Dinner–Whole wheat shells with rosemary-lemon chicken breast, zucchini, and red onion.  It’s amazing as time as gone on in this little battle of the bulge how little I can get away with eating now.  I just assumed I HAD to eat a whole chicken breast, because that’s what I’ve always eaten.  Turns out, Abby and I can easily split one and be completely satisfied.

Exercise–EXERCISE!!  Welcome back old friend.  Lots of weights, 15 minutes on the treadmill, 5 minutes on the elliptical, at least 200 calories burned.  And it felt gooooooood.

Dessert–Another sweet roll. Gotta love it.

Finals start tomorrow–the beginning of the end.  Boom.


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