Day 131–Burned Out

It’s official.  I’m burned out. Done. Exhausted.  I want to eat junk food and lay around and sleep in.  I’m tired of working out, I’m tired of trying to cook healthy food…I’m just burned.  I hope the end of school helps restart my ability to care, but I did the same thing last year…and the year before that.  Heaven help my waistline.

Today was the last day of school, and the first time I told my students that I’m leaving Houston in August.  The reactions were about what I expected, but it didn’t hurt any less.  I love those kids, even the crazy ones (Caleb…), and leaving them is going to be incredibly difficult, no matter how excited I am about Denver or getting back into church ministry.  I even had one amazing conversation with Curran today that made everything about the last two years completely worth it.  God is good…all the time.

Breakfast–Toastwich, with peanut butter and homemade strawberry jam.  Trying to get back on the protein kick.

Lunch–Salad with spicy chile tuna, cucumbers, and carrots.  Oh, and a cupcake. I suck at this.

Dinner–Subway.  Footlong turkey, bacon, lettuce, cucumber, green pepper, jalapeno and black pepper.  Deliciousness.  Also had candy at our last movie night of the year. Again…suckitude.

So after next week I’m officially on summer break, and the rejuvenation can’t come fast enough.


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