Day 127–Seeing Red

I don’t know how this slipped my mind for the weekend post, but allow me to correct an oversight: GLORY, GLORY, MAN UNITED!!  NINETEEN BABY!!  My newly beloved Red Devils collected some fancy hardware this weekend, winning an EPL record nineteenth title in less-than-dramatic fashion, fashioning a draw against a lower-tier club, but earning the necessary point.  It’s fun to celebrate, especially with the near-misses from FC Dallas, the Rangers, the Stars falling just short of the playoffs, Texas hoops collapsing, Texas football never rising high enough to actually collapse…tough sports year.  Thank heavens for the boys in red.

Also, I had a rough day at work. Very, VERY, rough day. So angry it literally had me shaking. So…double entendre anyone?

Breakfast–Two blueberry Nutrigrain Eggos.  I was running a bit slow today, with some gardening and trash and laundry and lots of medial stuff to get life ready before going back to work.

Lunch–In what would be called icing on the cake in less painfully ironic times, today’s school lunch was actually spectacular.  Chicken fried steak, steamed snow peas and garlic braised collard greens with a banana on the side.  Too bad they waited until the last week of school for the good stuff.  I’d also like to take this time to announce that I weighed myself this morning and I’m still at 229…hanging on by the slimmest of threads, that I’m pretty sure I snapped with brute force this evening.

Snack–Poptarts!  They were on sale…dang sales.

Dinner–Pei Wei in order to drown my sorrows in Chinese food.  I had Thai Dynamite shrimp with edamame that I’m sure broke every caloric barrier I ever even considered erecting…but it was worth it.

Exercise–Couple of laps around the apartment complex with my dearly beloved.

Tomorrow is our two year anniversary, and Abby will spend it doing Grand Rounds while I sit at home and prep for finals.  Being an adult SUCKS.


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