Day 123–Teaching Ain’t That Bad

Days like this redeem a lot of what happens in my classroom.  Not all of it…but a lot.  Today we began our week-long discussion of “They Like Jesus, But Not the Church” by Dan Kimball, and I decided to start it off with a bang: homosexuality in the church.  Had the quote of the year (unnecessary to repeat, but located on my Twitter @RevJakey34), some incredible discussion and insight, and I felt really good about how we grew and hopefully I got some wheels turning for the Kingdom.  If more days were like this…

Breakfast–Wafflewich, courtesy of two strawberry Eggo waffles and mom’s homemade wedding jam.  Deliciousness.

Lunch–Unfortunately, pizza.  Found out two things when I got to school: 1) we had a campus ministry meeting, which means bad-for-you food, and 2) Abby could have brought me lunch on a normal day.  Double fail.  I had a banana to go with it, add a little fiber.

Dinner–Abby and I split the beef fajitas at Lupe Tortilla, along with some chips and salsa.  So it wasn’t a great caloric meal, but splitting the fajitas was nice and the conversation was great.  We had an awesome time hanging out with Casey Burton and Megan Gilbert, had some, um, interesting conversations, and had good food.  Hard to complain about it in the end.

Dessert–Cherry Fage with honey and chocolate chips.  Gotta make it a little decadent!

Tomorrow, Abilene, then the last week of school! YES!!


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