Day 122–Inconceivable!!

Well, its that time of year.  My Acts class has spent the last two days watching The Princess Bride, a movie lost on younger generations.  I was amazed how many of the kids hadn’t seen it…and how many of them enjoyed it.  I’m not only educating our youth, I’m directing their spirituality AND teaching them about culture.  Booyah.

I didn’t get around to working out today due to the bad weather and the fact that I was EXHAUSTED.  For the first time in seemingly forever, Houston experienced some rain.  That’s one of the (many) downfalls of Houston: high humidity without the payoff of rain.  Should be good for allergies, the plants, and the temperature…at least for tonight.

Breakfast–More Oat Revolution Apple Cinnamon goodness.  Really, a great, easy, cheap breakfast.  I’m a big fan!

Snack–Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal to Go bar.  I wanted to hold off and not eat until lunch, but I was hungry and didn’t want my body to go into reserve mode, especially with today’s lunch menu.

Lunch–This, again, was my big splurge for the day.  Pulled pork sandwich, steamed broccoli, and Deep River Snacks Cracked Black Pepper chips.  It was a decent meal taste-wise, but not calorie-wise.  While my calorie counter is great when I realize how well I’ve been doing, its also a giant slap in the face when I screw up, like today.

Dinner–Whole wheat shell pasta, zucchini, turkey italian hot sausage, red onion, and cannelini beans sauteed with a little garlic and finished with a splash of lemon juice.  It was INCREDIBLE.  Canned beans are my new favorite friends…so much flavor, so much protein and fiber, and so few calories.  I’m starting to see how vegetarians do it…

Dessert–Fage 2% Peach with honey and lemon juice.  Like candy.

Tomorrow, we talk about a good book, some good ideas, and a great God.  Life is beautiful.


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