Day 121–SAWS!!!

I had the awesome experience of joining a fitblog chat tonight on twitter, and got some incredible ideas from some highly motivated and encouraging people!  I’ll definitely be doing that again!  By popular demand from that chat, here’s the marinade-sauce that I use on chicken/fish/couscous/vegetables:

2c OJ

1c Pineapple juice

1c Sugar

1/2c soy sauce

1.5tsp red pepper flakes

2tbsp minced garlic

2tbsp minced ginger

Simmer together, and when the flavors have melded, draw some out, cool off, and use as a marinade.  As for the rest, let it reduce down into an incredible glaze/sauce/whatever you want it for.  Its my go-to for happiness.

Had a bit of drama at school today and I almost fell asleep during the Princess Bride, which is never a good sign.  Perhaps I should get more sleep?

Breakfast–Oat Revolution Apple Cinnamon oatmeal.  Only 130 for the packet, and it was freaking GOOD.  It was also only $1.50 for five packages, so 30 cent breakfast.  Yes please.

Snack–Raspberry streusel oatmeal to go bar.  I needed an energy boost today, and getting to have it with fiber is always a good call.

Lunch–Grilled chicken sandwich with lettuce and onions, and a bag of jalapeno chips.  This was my splurge.

Exercise–SAWS!!!  Nathan MacDonald and a few of my new closest friends and I have started an initiative called Super Awesome Workout Summer, and today was my first foray into the brave new world.  I ran for about 15 minutes (would have been longer, but the machine kept saying there wasn’t anyone on it. Greatest unfortunate compliment EVER) and lifted weights.  My arms feel like noodles and my knees are a bit sore, but it was good to get back on the horse.  Time to reignite my metabolism!

Snack–Dried mango. Literally like crack…I can’t stop eating them. Soooo good.

Dinner–Short ribs braised in chicken stock, soy, rice wine vinegar, sweet chili sauce, lime juice, onion, and anaheim peppers with couscous and snow peas.  GREAT meal, although I need to tinker with the presentation a bit.  Bowls didn’t work so well…

All in all, a solid day.  I will prepare better for lunch tomorrow and hopefully get to workout again!  Here I come 220!


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