Day 119–Sweep Edition

Boom. Lakers roasted.  In all my years of sports watching, I’ve never seen a team quit as thoroughly, magnificently, and with such great cowardice as the Los Angeles Lakers did today against my beloved Mavericks.  Easily the most pathetic display of basketball I’ve ever had the good fortune of watching, and that counts the Mavs of the early 90’s–the worst team in professional sports history by almost every statistical and aesthetic value imaginable.  Yes Kobe, you were nuts for thinking you could come back with that set of jokers.  Good riddance.

In other news, had an incredible lunch with my wonderful friend Lindsey Dobbs today.  She’s one of my oldest friends, going on fifteen years, and also one of the best people I’ve ever known.  Good food, great company…the perfect Sunday.  And lest you think I ditched my mom on Mothers’ Day, we had breakfast and dinner together, so no worries.  It’s amazing to see where God takes people in life and how great His ways are compared to ours…even when it hurts.  Here’s to reconnecting and to the power of faith in Christ.

Breakfast–Three 4″ pancakes topped with fresh fruit, and a scrambled egg.  This was the healthiest I ate all day…but it was also a conscious decision to just enjoy the day and not worry so much.  I can work out tomorrow…unless, you know, we get fake shot at again.

Lunch–Yucatan Taco Stand in Frisco, a place I will certainly be revisiting.  I had plantain crusted mahi-mahi with a mango-habenero sauce, mixed vegetables and chipotle mashed potatoes that looked kinda funny but tasted even worse.  So now I know.  Their specialties are tacos and burritos, but I was feeling adventurous.  We also shared yucca fries that had a LOT of garlic on them, but they were incredible.  And, of course, getting to see Lindsey was the bomb, even if her first words were “Whoa. Full beard. Nice.”  Don’t hate on the Grizz.

Dinner–Snuffers “spicy battered” chicken strips and fries.  You know something is made in-house when it lacks a certain consistency (now, some consistency is important, but variation doesn’t always hurt) in seasoning.  Sometimes the “spicy” means a slow burn.  Today it meant “we’re going to torch your tastebuds, sucka.”  They are incredible tasting, but man…there was a fire in my mouth.

Dessert–Leftover cake from last night.  It was actually a snack earlier in the day, but it was dessert-like and not snacky so I counted it here.

We made it back to Houston, where its hot. And humid.  Three weeks of school left…finish strong!


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