Day 118–FCC Part Two

Another weekend, another awesome cooking experience.  Last night, Jordan, Josh Eason and I prepared a six course meal for around 40 hungry patrons of Jordan’s Food Creates Community events, and it was a blast.  While they are LONG days (as in, working from 2:30 until about midnight) its completely worth it for the experience and the knowledge gained. Here’s a rundown of the menu:

Amuse Bouche–Honeydew and serrano pepper soup with a proscuitto crisp

First Course–Squash salad with a tarragon-sherry vinaigrette, yellow tomatoes, and roasted fresh Texas shrimp

Second Course–Tortilla de espana; diced potatoes and onions in an egg/sour cream mixture, baked until golden brown

Third Course–Lamb, onion, and dried cranberry tacos with a cucumber-cilantro sauce, fried chickpeas, and fresh tortillas from a local taqueria

Fourth Course–Rabbit and chorizo paella

Dessert–Coconut cake with coconut milk dulce de leche, pineapple-mango compote, macadamia nut brittle, dried mango, and maple whipped cream

We felt good about all the dishes (some more than others…) but the patrons loved all of it and were very complimentary and happy, so it was a successful night.  I really enjoy doing that, and I’m thankful for a friend like Jordan who lets me come hang out!

Eating yesterday was interesting at best, since I knew I was going to be on my feet and nibbling all night.  I’m sure I went over on calories, but I also didn’t even attempt to keep track.

Breakfast–Three mini (the size of a half dollar) biscuits and two sausage patties.  Good to be home!

Lunch–An omelette with mushrooms, zucchini, onion, roast beef, and two eggs, topped with a little arugula.  It was REALLY good.

Dinner–A little rabbit, a little chorizo, a couple of bites of shrimp, a bite of lamb, some squash, honeydew, a piece of proscuitto, WAY too much dried mango, and a piece of cake.  Don’t know what that adds up to, but I’ll bet it wasn’t good.

So there you go.  For my last go around for a long time, it was a really great evening.  Hopefully the fates will decide I get to do it again!

And Happy Mothers’ Day to all the moms!


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