Day 117–Dallas Baby!

Finally, we are in Dallas.  Sorry for the lack of a post last night, but we were in the car and I wasn’t going to try to blog on my iPhone in a moving car.  It would A) be obnoxious and B) make me hurl.  So here we are, with Friday’s post on Saturday.  And Saturday’s post is probably going to be written on Sunday because I’ve got another long night in front of me…but I’m so excited its hard to keep it under control.  I think I might be born to do this.

Yesterday was Teacher Appreciation Day at WCS, and so we had a “feast” for lunch…which was very very bad for losing weight.  In fact, Friday was the first day that I went over my calorie count for the day since I started tracking stuff.  I think one day of splurging is okay as long as I’m able to stay on track every other day, and I know I’ll be on my feet a lot today and be able to burn off some excess.  And I’m going to nibble a lot tonight.

Breakfast–Two strawberry Eggo waffles while boiling down caramel sauce.  It was a weird morning.

Lunch–The aforementioned “feast.”  Barbecue, for the second time in a week, and then lots and lots of cake.  Let’s sum up the day this way: I went 600 calories over without counting any of the cake I ate.  No bueno.

Dinner–Arby’s on the way to Plano.  I had a large roast beef, large curly fries, and a Dr. Pepper.  I justified this by saying, “well, I never get Arby’s!  This is special!” and that’s a disaster because when you start justifying food, you gain weight like a fool.  Gotta get back on track.

Dessert–Jellybeans! We stopped by Buc-ee’s in Madisonville because I had a bit of an upset stomach (too detailed? Sorry) and I grabbed a small bag of Jelly-Bellys…I love jelly beans.  I’m an admitted chocoholic, but gummi bears and jelly beans are both amazing.

So there you go.  If I eat like this, I’m going to gain all my weight back.  Gotta be under control!


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