Day 116–Baking Craziness

Here’s the final count:  Two giant coconut cakes, pineapple-mango compote, and a coconut caramel sauce.  Dried mango, meringue, and a macademia toffee are going to follow.  Long day, going to be longer. And all of its totally worth it.

I had a four day week before Easter, a four day week after Easter (due to illness) and now that I’m having to do the full-time thing, for five whole days, I’m worn out.  This has been a very long week…TGIF.

Breakfast–Strawberry wafflewich, but with a twist: homemade strawberry jam from the leftover strawberries from Jenna’s wedding.  Delicious jam, delicious breakfast.

Lunch–Grilled chicken, baby carrots, and brown rice with two cookies.  Great lunch, especially for WCS.

Dinner–The plan was brinner, but I was so wiped from baking and cooking that it just wasn’t happening, so my lovely wife went to Chipotle for us.  I had a bowl with barbacoa, fajita veggies, rice, black beans, lettuce, corn, and hot salsa.  The perfect pick me up to get me through the rest of the night.  And the cakes look wonderful, the compote tastes amazing, and the caramel…TBD.  Apparently I can’t make caramel. Who knew that, of all things, would be my achilles’ heel?

My parents are back from Europe, and I’m very glad they made it home safe and had a wonderful trip! Bring on the weekend!


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