Day 115–Coconuts

I really enjoy baking.  I enjoy making something from nothing and being able to literally taste the benefits.  And most of all?  I enjoy doing something, doing it well, and getting positive feedback.  I discovered a long time ago that my love language is encouragement, and instead of taking the intelligent route and just doing something worthy of praise, I did some stupid things to attempt to “earn” it.  So yeah…baking.  There’s a large coconut cake with my name on it that will be the featured dessert at a pretty awesome party.  Things are looking up.

Breakfast–Blueberry wafflewich with peanut butter.  Forget confusion…I want good food.

Lunch–My incredible wife brought me Subway again.  I’m getting spoiled having lunch with her all the time…when she goes back to school its going to suck.  Foot long turkey with bacon on wheat with lettuce, green peppers, cucumbers, black pepper, and jalapenos.  Delicious as ever.

Dinner–Jambalaya with hot Italian turkey sausage and dark red kidney beans.  It was awesome, relatively healthy, and best of all? Cheap. Very very cheap.

Dessert–A small portion of the aforementioned coconut cake with coconut caramel sauce, lime zest, and julienned dried apricots (the real version with have mango…didn’t have any on hand).  It’s going to be GOOD.Deliciousness


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