Day 114–The Shutdown

At some point in almost every year, it seems like a whole bunch of things come to a head all at once, causing me to experience stress, insomnia, and then a complete mental shutdown.  Today is that day.  Between school, chapel, exams, finances, Colorado, catering this weekend, my parents being in Italy, current events, my friend Mark Holland having brain surgery, and everything else that constitutes “Life,” I’m a train wreck right now.

It’s not a coincidence that the weeks I feel like class goes really well (i.e. the times Scripture really speaks to me) are also the weeks I have these little collapses.  Satan has this funny way of messing with my head and making me think I’m spiraling out of control, when all along I’m resting safely and comfortably in the hands of God.  And while my head knows that fact, my heart doesn’t listen so well.  I’m ready for the weekend when I can relax, see my family and friends, do some cooking, and enjoy life.

Breakfast–Fage Cherry with honey.  I decided to change things up, even though I really wanted a wafflewich.  If muscle confusion works for muscles and medication confusion can work for illness, surely confusing my body can help lose weight.  Speaking of which, hit the scales at 228.4 today.  I don’t even know what to do with that number.

Lunch–Peanut butter sandwich with a banana.  The confusion principle doesn’t apply as well here because I, like a moron, didn’t read the menu beforehand and wasn’t prepared for lunch.  This is why I’m fat.

Dinner–Pei Wei to celebrate Abby passing boards! Yay!  I changed things up here too, going with the Thai Dynamite vegetables.  They were really good, although not very “dynamite-y” because there wasn’t a lot of spice.  So fail on that.  Still a great meal, and I came in under the calorie goal for the day again.  Go me.

Tomorrow will consist of Subway, Science Olympiad, and coconut cake. Holla.


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