Day 113–A Day Late and A Pound Short

So its official…I’m out of the 230’s!  As of this (May 3rd) morning, I weigh 228.4 pounds.  I’m pretty sure that’s the lowest I’ve weighed since trek, when I worked out and got down to below 200.  Eating minimal amounts of food and hiking miles every day will do that to a person.  I know I can’t rest though…I can gain weight back with the best of them.

Sorry this is a day late.  Last night we watched Castle (great show) and then I was so tired I went to bed without thinking about my precious blog readers.  Sorry for my insensitivity…it’ll probably still happen again.

School was…interesting?  Between AP testing and the bin Laden mess, it was tough to get anyone paying attention, much less good conversation.  I think the extra weeks on this semester are starting to take their toll on the students…they went from hyperactive about the end of school to dead, like a prolonged sugar crash over the span of a month.  The end should be pretty comical to watch.

Breakfast–Strawberry wafflewich.  I think Nathan made me an addict.

Lunch–Enchiladas, which sounds terrible, but again–I don’t eat cheese.  So when I scraped all that stuff off, it was basically ground beef in a tortilla, and they were pretty small.  I had to guess on calories, but I think I managed it okay.  I also had a banana and a peanut butter sandwich to keep me full.

Dinner–Hamburgers again, per the request of my lovely wife.  She had makeup clinic today to cover for the day we lost coming back from Jenna’s wedding, so it was nice to be able to treat her when she got home.  Burgers, roasted potatoes and carrots with garlic and rosemary, some caramelized onions with a splash of red wine vinegar to give it some tanginess, and altogether a very complete meal.

I was still under my calorie limit, at least according to my iPhone app and my best guess on the homemade products.  Hopefully I can keep it up and still hit my goal! 24 days!


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