Day 112–May Day

So today was youth Sunday at church.  Jason Toy had a wonderful sermon, highlighted (in my opinion) by a story of when he was in youth group and two doctors in his church decided to get in a bidding war over the services of some church members in a youth auction.  Eventually, things escalated (amicably) to the point where one of them paid $7,500 just to have a lawn mown. The kicker, of course, wasn’t that they were paying for the lawn; they were paying in order to invest in the youth ministry.  It was an excellent example of investing back what God has so graciously blessed us with.

We often have the the problem that we take security in money as opposed to in God. In David Platt’s book Radical, which is an excellent read (I knocked it out in three days) he argues that we actually reject God’s calling when we bury ourselves in security.  We select some things like blessings and eternal life to apply to all of us, but the call to go to other nations, to spread the gospel, and to face persecution and rejection by the world head-on certainly means “someone else.” How screwed up is that?  Maybe being a Christian means we aren’t cool. Maybe it means we aren’t rich. Maybe it means we get hurt.  Isn’t that worth it for the guaranteed love of our Savior?  Not Heaven–a nice bonus–but knowing that the Creator of the universe has literally died to spend eternity with you.  That’s worth not only giving up our money in an auction, which the members of Sugar Grove did with great aplomb, but more than that.  So…I guess not only am I changing my body type, but I want to change my life. Which is bizarre from someone who wants to be a minister…I think God wants more than that.

Breakfast–Blueberry Nutrigrain wafflewich with a tablespoon of peanut butter.  Delicious AND nutritious.

Lunch–Barbecue lunch at church. Some smoked brisket (incredible), smoked sausage, and beans.  There was also cobbler, but I showed restraint. For about an hour. Then I had a cup of ice cream while watching Man U lose. Craptastic sports day.

Dinner–Baked potatoes, with crisped bacon, sauteed asparagus and leeks.  Amazing dinner.  It’s kinda cool to see what I can grab out of the fridge and turn into a meal.

Dessert–Pomegranate fruit bar. About 70 calories of goodness.

So there you have it.  Been an eventful weekend spiritually and gastronomically.  I’d like to have more of these…four weeks of school left.


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