Day 111–Tacos and “Bullet Holes”

So…that was an exciting day.  Slept in, missed the Farmers’ Market (again), Abby bought a sewing machine for her early birthday present, had dinner with the Toy’s and St. Germain’s, went to work out, thought we got shot at…

Wait. What?

Yes, dear reader, we had our first encounter with the Houston P.D.  While running on the treadmill, the pane of glass in front of Abby (literally 3 feet from her) shattered with a loud bang, leaving a neat, bullet-sized hole and glass “shrapnel” all over the place, including imbedding a shard into Abby’s leg.  We all jumped off the machines, called the police, and inspected the premises only to find a large rock that someone (we assume from the drunk party happening in the pool) had hurled at the window with such force that it knocked pieces of fragmented glass all the way back to the far wall, some 20-25 feet away.  Now I’m not saying it was intentional, but…yeah.  For the umpteenth time, I hate Houston.  Photographic evidence below:

Pretty, um, awesome?

Breakfast–So I swiped an idea from Nathan MacDonald and indulged myself in the deliciousness of a wafflewich…and it was goooooood.  Two strawberry Eggo waffles with a tablespoon of peanut butter.  Amazing. Teach me your ways, sensei.

Lunch–Since we slept in (I’m talking like 11 am…glorious), breakfast was at 11 and lunch was at 2, with dinner at like 5:30.  Compacted day, no real room for a mid-morning snack.  Lunch was salad greens with leftover taco turkey meat and leftover chickpea salad.  It was incredible…that chickpea salad is a surefire winner.

Snack–I said no room for a mid-morning snack…not an afternoon snack.  I had some peach Fage with honey.  The peach is really growing on me…its amazing with the honey.

Dinner–We met the Toy’s and St. Germain’s at Goode Company Taqueria before they went to Haley Mathis’ play for the evening.  We are poor and I am still sick (cough) so we couldn’t join them, but dinner was still a blast.  Abby and I split the combo fajitas: great grilled chicken and steak in homemade tortillas.  Luckily I don’t eat cheese or sour cream, but it was still a calorie bomb.

Exercise–Even with all the fake gunfire, I still got a handy workout in.  Ran for twenty minutes and lifted some weights, as much as my weakened lung capacity could handle.

Thanks to a handy new iPhone app, I calculated that I only ate about 1775 calories today and lost about 200 running…so pretty good way to get back on track!  And best of all, we’re both safe.

God post coming tomorrow…get excited.


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