Day 110–Health Fail

I am still sick.

Under normal circumstances I would have called my dad, procured a prescription for antibiotics and killed this thing a long time ago, but then two things happened: 1) Abby convinced me it was a cold and not a sinus infection.  The green stuff I keep coughing up says otherwise.  2) My parents left for a cruise in Europe. Very hard to get ahold of them that way, especially for something whiny like a sinus infection.  So I’m counting on my usually stout immune system to pull me through…an immune system that has been systematically destroyed by Houston.  I hate you Houston.  Thank God its the weekend.

My little rant yesterday started some great discussions at Westbury.  I really hope they develop into something…actions speak louder than words. We get another crack at it on Tuesday, and I hope there’s a noticeable change, or at least something we can work with.

Breakfast–Cherry Fage w/ honey.  Another late morning.

Snack (throughout the day)–I decided that rather than eat something I’d regret from the vending machine, I’d get some Jolly Ranchers and honey roasted peanuts to tide me over throughout the day.  They did the job, totaling probably 5 JRs and a 1/3 cup of honey roasted peanuts.

Lunch–Tuna on salad greens with a banana and a brownie.  The meal option was again Fettuccine Carbonara, or as we call it in America, carbo-loaded pasta with a heavy cheese/cream sauce and bacon.  And this is supposedly “healthy” dining.

Dinner–Pinto beans simmered with bacon and some caramelized onions.  A little salt, a little pepper, some ancho chili powder and a splash of chicken broth, along with my mom’s homemade cornbread…delicious.

Dessert–A cup of ice cream.  The whole thing was less than 300 calories…score.

So lets recap: yogurt, peanuts, salad, tuna, the brownie, beans, cornbread, and ice cream.  Probably around 2000 calories for the day, if that.  And yet I’m still gaining weight like its a requirement to live.  I hate being sick.

Farmers Market and dinner with friends tomorrow…here’s to feeling better and getting back on track.


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