Day 109–Cure for Apathy

Attention Westbury:  Things like today’s chapel occur because you are apathetic about your God.  You don’t bring your Bible because its not important to you.  You don’t sing because you’re afraid of looking or sounding stupid as opposed to fully devoting yourself to worship.  You complain about chapel, yet you (and not all of you, I know this) do NOTHING to make it better, to own it, or to turn it into something new.  And don’t give me the “we need guitars, we need females to be involved, blah blah blah” line–Peter brought the house down in Acts 2 with a simple speech because the people had open hearts and were willing to be changed.  You, on the other hand, are not.  Yes, instruments would help create an energy and help with the music, but worship is an attitude, not a song.  We know things aren’t perfect; we hear it from you everyday.  We’re trying to make it better. What are you doing?

Breakfast–Toastwich with peanut butter and strawberry jam.

Lunch–Abby brought me Chick-fila, because she’s the best wife ever.  Spicy chicken sandwich, large fruit cup, and a lemonade.  The amazing thing about fast food continues to be the hidden calories.  My lemonade had more calories than the fruit cup and half as many calories as the sandwich did.  Ridiculous, yet delicious.  I guess the warning is: know your calories. Know what you’re getting yourself into and adjust accordingly.

Dinner–No snacks today because I’m still sick and relatively exhausted.  I came home from work and laid down on the bed for about an hour.  Didn’t sleep, just…existed.  It was great.  Dinner was Whataburger because in my clogged state of being I wanted something I could taste.  Double whataburger with bacon, fries, and a Dr. Pepper.  And you better believe there were more calories and fat in dinner than in lunch and breakfast combined.  I can’t wait to be healthy again.

So that’s about it.  Long day between the sickness and the general malaise at school.  I appreciate the conversations and the dialogue to make things better, but stop talking and start doing.  We’ve tried half a dozen things are you aren’t responding…until you take ownership, we don’t have a chance.

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