Day 104–Being Sick Sucks

So, yeehah for getting to spend my weekend sick. Easter weekend at that. I’ve been congested and my throat hurts and my head is foggy…led to a very unfortunate day. On the good side of things, I made ice cream today. On the bad side…it wasn’t very good. I blame the fogginess. I was trying to make peach ice cream, but I didn’t sweeten it enough. It actually tastes like a pureed frozen peach. There’s hardly any creamy texture, any sweetness, or any depth of flavor. I blame the drugs…and will try again soon.

Also watched the movie Easy A tonight for the first time. Good flick…interesting subject matter, especially since I will openly tell anyone that The Scarlet Letter is the worst book ever written (going beyond my hatred of Ernest Hemingway and Willa Cather) and a movie based off of it should be doomed to fail, but oh well. I’m afraid I like Emma Stone; she may be a keeper.

Breakfast–Sausage patties and eggs. Not the healthiest choice, but at this time I assumed the sore throat would go away and I’d be able to get out and do, you know, stuff. My bad.

Lunch–Salad and edamame. I finished off the last of my sweet and spicy seasoning for the edamame and the salad consisted of greens, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, a diced red pepper, and a soy-sweet chili sauce vinaigrette. Solid meal.

Snack–Because it is Easter weekend, I broke down and ate one of my chocolate marshmallow bunnies. And you know what? It was DELICIOUS.

Dinner–Buitoni herbed chicken tortellini with sauteed leeks and homemade tomato sauce. It was also delicious.

Dessert–The aforementioned ice cream, although I only ate like two spoonfuls because it wasn’t that good. Throw it out, try again.

That’s it…I’m sick and worn out. Adios amigos.


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