>Day 103–So Long Self

>Admittedly there is a double entendre with this blog title.  I thoroughly enjoyed my day off from school, sleeping in, having a great work out, eating good food, relaxing, hanging out with friends…but its important we don’t lose sight of WHY we get today off.  Because of my Savior’s willingness to die, I can wake up each and every day, whether early or late, skinny or fat, with friends or alone, and know that my human self doesn’t matter one stinking bit because Christ has redeemed my soul.  So on this Good Friday, I say So Long Self…not only are you a great workout song, but you’re also a reminder of exactly who I am.  To use one of my favorite quotes: “I don’t have a soul.  I AM a soul. I have a body.”  And my soul is redeemed.

Breakfast–Return of the Steel Cut Oats.  It’s been a while since I woke up early enough or with enough time to make some steel cut oats, but it was well worth it today.  I had about a third of a cup of dry oats with a tablespoon or so of peanut butter stirred in.  Delicious and filling.

Exercise–I hopped on the elliptical to try to save my legs some impact abuse, and I could immediately tell the difference.  It wasn’t a taxing workout from a fatigue, weariness, “I’m about to fall over here” standpoint, and yet my heart rate was elevated and I maintained a great pace for about twenty minutes.  I also did some weight work, and then the kicker, some body weight squats.  Between the new cardio on the elliptical and the squats, my quads are VERY unhappy right now.  Might have overdone it a bit.

Lunch–Two peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on whole wheat with jalapeno chips. I tried my new strawberry rhubarb preserves…kinda funky with the peanut butter.  And it almost has an autumnal flavor to it with the spices, so it was very out of place.  I think it would have been incredible about 6 months ago.  Whoops.

Dinner–Sushi!  Went to Miyako sushi with some of Abby’s friends from optometry school and had a great time.  We split the spicy tuna roll with crunchy rice and I had the S&M roll (no idea why its called that…maybe because it’s supposed to be spicy?) while Abby had the crunchy roll.  Oh, and I also had grilled jalapeno sushi, which literally consisted of half of a grilled jalapeno with sushi rice bound with seaweed.  I think the jalapeno was pickled in some soy sauce, because it was AMAZING.  The whole meal was great, because I love fish, and it was very well prepared.  We will certainly be going back.

So Good Friday = truly good.  And I’ll leave you with the witty, and thought-provoking, tweet of one Mo Rocca:  TGIGF!!


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