>Day 102–A Welcome Speed Bump

>So, I was truckin’ along, heading towards more weight loss glory, and then BAM: Thursday happened.  Whoops.

Breakfast–I overslept by a good 45 minutes today, waking up shortly after I need to leave my apartment to get to school on time.  This led to me grabbing a Fiber One bar as I was walking around the classroom getting stuff ready for the day.  Terrible breakfast.

Lunch–“Chicken” sandwich.  Usually I don’t mind today, because its a chicken patty sandwich (not the greatest, but at least no sauce/cheese/unnecessary fat addition) with baked potato wedges and asparagus.  The chicken wasn’t bad, but the potato wedges were cold and the asparagus was literally swimming in butter. Like, it had a yellowish tinge from the fat.  GROSS.  So I finished it off with a piece of bread and Justin’s chocolate peanut butter for a more filling meal.

Snack–A couple of my delicious cookies.  Probably the best thing I’ve ever baked. Seriously.  I have students who will back me up on this.

Dinner–Tonight we had a gathering of friends (party just sounds weird and strangely ineffective to describe tonight) at the St. Germains.  Met a lot of new people, had some wonderful pizza and cupcakes (yep…) and had an all-around great time.  Thanks for the invite guys!

So there you have it.  Bad sleeping habits, unhealthy meals, no exercise…took me three days to fall back into bad habits.  The good news is that I have tomorrow off to work out and undo some of the damage, and I drank a lot of water today to help keep me relatively full in the in between.  So we’ll see how bad things are tomorrow!


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