>Day 101–Who Knew MercyMe Was Great Workout Music?!

>The beauty of a four-day week at school is that Thursday suddenly becomes Friday and we all get to relax a day earlier.  The unfortunate side is that sometimes you forget what day it is, like today when I thought Wednesday was actually Tuesday and so I forgot to go to Science Olympiad.  Oops.  The ironic thing is that I had a conversation at lunch today about how if it wasn’t for chapel I actually would forget what day it was…and then I did. Fail.

Breakfast–Cinnamon Swirl oatmeal.  Start the day out with fiber and you’ll feel fuller than normal…which is a good thing when trying to lose some pounds.

Snack–Fiber On…FAKE OUT.  I actually consciously ate something else, which in this case was about three palmfuls of smokehouse almonds.  Probably too many, but it was only 260 calories, which is a great dose of protein and healthy fats (also nice when trying to feel full.)

Lunch–My beautiful wife decided to bring me lunch today!  I had a footlong turkey, toasted with bacon, lettuce, green peppers, cucumbers, jalapenos, and black pepper from Subway along with half a bag of Baked Lays BBQ.  The food was good…having lunch with Abby was better.  Thanks babe!

Dinner–No snack…took a nap instead.  Abby is spending the evening with some of her friends from Optometry school, so I was on my own.  She likes to work out before dinner, and I’d rather do it afterwards when I have more energy from the food.  Therefore, the schedule was flipped today.  For dinner, I took the two extra burger patties from yesterday, half an onion, and three eggs and made breakfast tacos with some corn tortillas.  It was great, and should have been a solid dose of protein from all the meat and eggs.

Dessert–I made cookies. Chocolate chocolate chip cookies to be exact.  In fact, I undercooked them a bit so they were warm, gooey, chocolatey…and I had the willpower to only eat one.  Holla.  The rest shall be gifts…I just like baking, even if the results make me large (and in charge).

Exercise–I ran about two miles, and I actually mean ran.  I’ve always had problems staying focused running, because I usually get bored out of my mind and then I focus on how tired I am and then I quit.  Today I went with the Generous Mr. Lovewell album from MercyMe, and WOW.  Whenever I got tired, a song like Move, All of Creation, or Beautiful would come on and I would get this incredible burst of energy.  I spent all of All of Creation running with my hands lifted in praise to God…something I probably couldn’t do without falling over most days and something I definitely wouldn’t do with other people in the room, but today I overcame both.  According to my Nike+, I burned about 340 calories, which is a nice workout.

All in all, a great day.  Good nap, good food, GREAT workout, and tomorrow is “Friday.”  I think I’m well on my way to my new goal!


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