>Day 100–Goooaaaaaalllllll!

>Ironic title because Manchester United has been el sucko lately, but oh well.  I’m taking a cue from Nathan MacDonald and setting a new goal for myself in my weight-loss odyssey.  For those that are loyal readers, you may remember that my old goal was to not be so large for my sister’s wedding.  I (sorta) achieved that goal, because I looked better but with the way tux sizes roll I was still in a suit designed for a much larger man.  Anyways, that goal was a month ago tomorrow, and I can tell since I haven’t set a new one that I’m much more prone to relaxing, splurging, and maintaining the status quo instead of working hard on my health.  So here we go:  School ends May 27th, exactly 37 days from now, and I’d like to lose 10 pounds between now and then.  That’s around 2 pounds a week, and it will certainly require more work than I’ve been putting in recently, but I think I can do it.  If (WHEN!) I succeed, I’ll be down to 220 lbs, also known as my junior year of college on my way up to 230.

Breakfast–Peanut butter and strawberry jam toastwich on whole wheat bread.  I accidentally bought jam as opposed to preserves, but I’m not complaining…makes for a great filling in cakes and actually makes for a more satisfying toastwich.  Duly noted…self.

Snack–Moving along…

Lunch–Tuna salad with crackers.  Thankfully this is a four-day week, and thankfully there’s only like 27 days of school lunches left (not that I’m counting…) so I won’t have to A) eat their food and B) keep eating the same simplistic options for lunch all the time.  That will be a glorious day.

Snack–Two cups of kettle corn during my off period.  Trying the healthy snack thing again…I told you, I fell off the horse.

Exercise–That’s a word not recently seen ’round these here parts, but sure enough I got off my butt and trekked over to the workout room.  I ended up running/walking for 20 minutes and probably could have gone more but I got bored.  Then I lifted some weights to work out some tension in my shoulders, and all was well in the world.  I also tried my new Nike/iPod Plus that Abby got me for my birthday (Yes, my birthday was 2 months ago.  I lost the receiver for a while, then stopped working out…its had an inauspicious beginning.) and I really liked it except I used my iPhone and the music on there is more driving music than workout music, so I ended up using Mumford and Sons, which worked out really well.  Something about The Cave leads to great running…

Dinner–Bacon burgers, Jason-style.  Abby diced and crisped three slices of bacon that I integrated into the burger patties, and since my 1.3 pounds of chuck made about 6 patties, we probably only ate a slice of bacon each.  Using toasted sandwich thins as buns and minimal condiments means it was a really healthy burger.  We had chips and beans as a side to go with the bacon burgers.

Dessert–Dreyer’s Chocolate Chip ice cream bars.  One bar is only 130 calories and really good, especially to satisfy a chocolate craving.  Unfortunately, they’re also expensive and we’re kind of broke, so when the box ends, I’ll have to find alternative sources of goodness.  C’est la vie.

So here we go…37 days for 10 pounds.  We can do this!


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