>Day 99–Slow Cookers and Donuts

>Today was a vast array of triumphs and defeats, especially in the culinary department.  While all Mondays are, by definition, atrocious this one was less bad than others.  I’ve noticed that as the school year inches to a close, two things are happening: 1) the students are getting more and more rambunctious and undisciplined, and 2) the teachers are becoming stricter and losing patience.  This, of course, is a bad combination for all involved, and I told my students as much today.  Hopefully we can work together to keep everything in line for the rest of the year, but I certainly doubt it.

Breakfast–In my Senior Bible class we watched Invisible Children this morning, so I decided to be nice and bring in some donuts for the class.  Unfortunately, I also ate three of them. Whoops.

Snack–Fiber One bar.  It’s like I could create a template for this blog and just keep firing that out.

Lunch–Salad greens with grilled chicken, carrots, and a Snickers chaser.

Snack–Some cracked black pepper and sea salt chips while I was waiting for dinner to get ready.  They’re my new favorite kind of chip, but I can’t find many that I like as much as my first batch from some random brand at school.  Any suggestions?

Dinner–Braised brisket that I’ve had in the slow cooker for about 5 hours yesterday and an hour or so today.  All I did was add a pound and a half of brisket (seared off and seasoned with salt and pepper), a jar of roasted pepper salsa, a chopped onion and some water to loosen it up a bit, then let it do its thing.  It was amazing, especially with some salad and roasted potatoes seasoned with rosemary from my rosemary plant on the balcony. Score!

Dessert–A piece of whole wheat pita with chocolate peanut butter and marshmallow creme…a poor man’s S’more if you will.

So, donuts are bad, brisket is good, and tomorrow is another go at it.


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