>Day 97–Hello Metrocity

>Brief recap of today:  Abby being here > Abby not being here.

I went to the Farmers Market this morning, and I have to admit…I was whelmed.  Not overwhelmed, not underwhelmed, just plain whelmed.  Nothing jumped out at me, nothing looked great, everyone was sold out of bacon except one farm that was charging outrageous prices (like, double what everyone else was..sketchy) which probably explains why they weren’t out of product…not so good.  So I went to Central Market since I was in the neighborhood (roughly) and got some good stuff for snacks.  More FSTG chips, kettle corn, etc.  It redeemed an otherwise worthless morning.

I ended the day (and spent the afternoon…) up at school for our movie night.  This time it was Megamind, which I hadn’t seen before but actually kinda enjoyed.  The first Will Ferrell movie I’ve liked since…Ricky Bobby? Even that took a few tries.  Potentially Elf or Anchorman, whichever came out last.  It was a good movie, but the food selection…not so hot.  And I didn’t plan well.

Prepare for carnage.

Breakfast–Um…didn’t happen.  Planned on getting Fusion Taco @ the FM, but then the whole experience drained me so much I didn’t feel like standing in line and waiting.  So I just failed on this part.

Lunch–I had my leftover Pei Wei from the other day, as well as an addition of some diced veggies from CM.  I think it had water chestnuts, carrot, celery, onion…not sure what else.  It was good though.

Snack–Toastwich (to make up for breakfast?) with chocolate peanut butter and cherry jelly.  Very black foresty.

Dinner–I apologize to everyone who cares about the size of my waistline for the next few phrases. Peace be with you. Here’s what I ate:  three cups of kettle corn, a Snickers, sour belts, a coke, and two cookies. I planned on eating pizza, but with the butter cookie fiasco of yesterday, I figured piling more grease in my system wasn’t a good call.  So logically I ate my weight in sugar.  I suck at this.

Dessert–Really? There was no dessert. READ WHAT I ATE FOR “DINNER.”  I should eat a salad for dessert, then run 8 miles.

So in review:  I miss Abby, my cat is going insane because she loves Abby and hates me (and is therefore very moody and upset), I’ve eaten TERRIBLY, the movie wasn’t bad, and oh yeah, Man U and the Rangers both choked today.  Goodbye Saturday…you won’t be missed.


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