>Day 96–Experimental Procedure

>Today was test day, which is still code for “I sit and answer questions all day.”  Its a great day…no thinking on my part.  Unfortunately, Abby left for Girl’s Retreat this afternoon, so I’m here by myself for the weekend.  That means two things:  hygiene is going to be neglected in unfortunate ways (although I have run the dishwasher and cleaned up after dinner) and I can just screw around in the kitchen without judgment being passed.  Let the games begin.

Breakfast–Another toastwich.  I had lots of bread going on at once this morning, from my peanut butter and peach-mango toastwich to the sandwich I made for lunch today.

Snack–Officially my last Carman’s bar.  RIP.

Lunch–A peanut butter and mango-peach (see what I did there for “variety?”) sandwich on whole wheat with cracked black pepper chips.  Not healthy, but suspect catfish was the other option.  I win.

Snack–Beef jerky and some more chips.  Less than one serving…but still not the smartest thing I could have done.

Dinner–Here’s where things get interesting.  I made pizza, except it wasn’t normal by any stretch.  I put my homemade tomato sauce on whole wheat pita, topped it with mozzarella, then covered it all with bacon and leeks.  The sauce, bread, and bacon/leeks were all amazing…cheese still sucks.  I don’t understand how you people eat that stuff.  I scraped it off and enjoyed what became my bacon-leek tart.

Dessert–Baking practice.  I found this great recipe in Bon Appetit for honey-cherry lace cookies.  Because Abby doesn’t like cherries, I subbed pomegranate craisins for the cherries, and my first attempt I misread “heaping teaspoons” for “heaping tablespoons” for the cookie size.  Therefore, all the cookies melted into one giant glob of buttery nastiness…I threw it out.  The second batch worked MUCH better, although its still got way too much butter in it for my taste.  For someone who has attempted to avoid unnecessary fats and junk, my body is SCREAMING at me right now trying to figure out what I did to it.  I hope they’re better tomorrow when they’ve dried out, or I’m going to have to tinker with the recipe a bit.  Can’t handle the buttery slickness.

Hope you all enjoy your weekend like I plan on enjoying mine…stay safe and God bless.

Oh, and Westbury kids–come to the movie night tomorrow. 6 o’clock, Megamind. Boom.


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