>Day 95–Trashketball

>I consider my job to be fairly important.  I have about 100 impressionable minds and the task of discussing the gospel of Christ–the greatest news anyone has ever heard.  Sometimes things get emotional, sometimes things get funny, and sometimes I think its downright thrilling.  That being said, the most excited I’ve seen any of my kids all year was today when Delvin Dickerson managed to throw a tennis ball into a wicker basket from the other side of the room.  It was freaking pandemonium…cheering, hugging, students running around the room.  I have no idea what I need to do to get them as excited about Jesus as they are about trashketball, but I’ve got a month and a half to figure it out.

Breakfast–Peanut butter and peach preserves whole wheat toastwich, prepared by the lovely wife.  That’s twice in the span of a week that she’s made breakfast for me…which may be twice more than the entire time we’ve known each other.  It’s exciting!

Snack–Fiber One bar. Of course.

Lunch–Peanut butter and banana sandwich.  Unfortunately, the options today involved meatloaf. And something that began with the adjective “buttered.”  That was enough for me…eating healthy and “buttered” don’t work.

Dinner–Jalapeno chip crusted chicken fingers, baked beans, and corn.  Those “Food Should Taste Good” jalapeno chips were good to the very end, and made an incredible crust for the chicken without having to deep fry it and gain calories.  AND, it was slightly spicy but Abby ate it. So double win.

Dessert–I wanted chocolate cake…I settled for a little less than a cup of mango sorbet.  It wasn’t a bad trade-off.

Tomorrow’s the beatitudes and test day, and then the weekend…glorious, glorious weekend. And the Farmers’ Market!


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