>Day 94–Herbs and Peppers

>Well, I finally broke down and did it.  After years of deliberating and always talking myself out of it, I am now the proud owner of one rosemary plant and one jalapeno plant.  They are sitting proudly on an old Omaha Steaks cooler on our apartment “balcony.”  So at the same time I’m both Green-thumbed and red-necked.  Suits me well…and hopefully we’ll have some fresh herbs and delicious peppers to spice up the summer’s cooking!

Speaking of Omaha Steaks, they called me during dinner for the fifth night in a row, and finally I couldn’t take it anymore and asked to be taken off their calling list.  The lady seemed annoyed that I asked her to do this…when SHE KEEPS CALLING DURING DINNER.  6:40, every day, like clockwork.  I enjoy their products, and the sales are really nice, but not enough to talk to you every day. Or every week. Or even every month…I mean, there’s a LOT of food in there.  So goodbye Omaha Steaks…I won’t miss you disrupting my meals.

Breakfast–Oatmeal!  On purpose!

Snack–Fiber One bar. I actually wanted something sweet more than I wanted the fiber or health benefits, but I suppose I got both anyways.  So boom.

Lunch–Pulled pork sandwich that actually had recognizable pork in it! Huzzah!  I also had some chips.  I wanted a mango, but the one I brought had already left for the sweet hereafter.

Snack–Snickers bar.  So so good.

Dinner–Taco salad with potatoes instead of beef. I threw some black beans on top to add texture and protein with the sauteed potatoes, jalapeno, and onions.  I think it was just as delicious as last time…Abby disagrees.  So that will probably be the end of that particular recipe.  Feel free to steal it and keep its legacy going.  We hardly knew ye.

Dessert–Cherry Fage with honey and chocolate chips.  A fitting end to a weird and not altogether pleasant day.

Here’s to getting to try again tomorrow.


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