>Day 93–Hang You Up

>Confession: I am a big Yellowcard fan. Have been since high school, and I’m not ashamed.  The first couple of listens, I have to admit I’m not a huge fan of the new album though.  The one keeper, at least at an incredibly superficial level, is their single “Hang You Up.”  The song is great, the video is great, and the acoustic version they recorded for MTV showcases how musically solid they can be.  Also, I’ve had it stuck in my head all day, as does Abby.  Whoops.

One of my students, Andrew Dunlap, introduced me to the Warrior Diet today.  The main premise is that you eat very little during the day (i.e. a warrior on the hunt…not eating large meals) and then gorge at night (i.e. after you catch/kill something).  It sounds a bit like yo-yo dieting to me, but the reviewers on Amazon swear by it.  Have any of you used it/heard of it?  It’s not really an option for me, because I am NOT dieting–just trying to eat healthier as a lifestyle choice–but I’m intrigued by the idea and can of course tailor a lifestyle around it.  So how about it readers? Any thoughts?

Breakfast–Chocolate cheerios. My last bowl…sad day.

Snack–Carman’s apricot almond muesli bar.  Delicious, and I actually thought it was my last one of those too, but then I found one in the pantry.  Huzzah!

Lunch–Spicy thai chili tuna on salad greens with a Fiber One bar for some added substance.  Great meal, but I’m sort of getting tired of it as a lunch substitute.  Looks like PBJ is making a comeback…

Snack–Pomegranate frozen juice bar.  Oddly, for pomegranate, it didn’t have a ton of flavor.  Great for calories, great for texture and temperature…needs more acid perhaps? Oh well.

Dinner–Pei Wei!  I had Mandarin Kung Pao vegetables, this time with fried rice (yeah yeah…don’t judge. There’s a reason.), vegetable spring rolls, and edamame.  This may sound like a lot of food, and to be honest–it is. But that was the point.  We ate all of the edamame (fiber and protein), and I only ate two spring rolls (leaving four) and half of my entree.  Therefore, I’ve got another meal waiting for me AND I ate relatively healthy food for dinner.  Edamame is a wonderful product…I’m a huge fan.

Dessert–A single piece of chocolate peanut butter whole wheat toast.

All in all, a great day.  And tomorrow’s dinner is going to be excellent…so get pumped!


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