>Day 91–Sleep and Jesus

>I love our Life Group.  While we definitely missed the St. Germains, the Smiths, Hamilton, Patrick, Chris, Crysta, and everyone else who couldn’t make it tonight, I’m pretty sure its scientific fact that the world is at least 93% better on the weeks we meet.  Tonight we discussed James, an amazing book, and I feel reenergized for the week and for my relationship with God.

I also slept about 11 hours today to recover from the weekend, and man I do feel tons better.  Softer bed, new pillow, NOT getting up before dawn…in the words of Charlie Sheen, tiger blood. No wait. Winning.

Breakfast–Abby made pancakes!  I had like four 4-5 inch pancakes, half of which had chocolate chips.  It was a great breakfast…good to be home.

Lunch–Because breakfast was kinda late, lunch just didn’t happen.  I had cherry Fage with honey about 3…does that count?

Dinner–Wendy’s!  Ironically, our hotel in Abilene was right next to a Wendy’s, but I never went over there to eat.  Opportunity lost.  Anyways, I had a spicy chicken sandwich, lettuce only, with fries and a Dr. Pepper.  Scrumptious (trying out new vocab words…yay or nay?).

Exercise–Throughout the day, I did some squats, some free weights, and then Abby and I took a walk around the complex a couple of times.  All about getting the metabolism back online…

School tomorrow. Yeehah?  I hope the lunches are manageable!


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