>Day 90–Return of the Jedi

>Or at least the Westbury Christian TCSIT contingent.  That’s right, I’m finally home. I get to sleep in my own bed, eat food I prepared, and have a face to face conversation with my wife.  Needless to say, I’m pretty excited.

We had a wonderful trip.  The kids did extremely well, with some surprise successes and some expected dominations.  I was incredibly pleased with our results and proud of how hard all the participants worked to put on a great show for the judges and those of us lucky enough to get to watch.  All the hardware we brought back was just icing on the cake.  Unfortunately, another bus trip means another weird eating day, so being back also means a return to a decent schedule.  Here’s the end of the madness.

Breakfast–A waffle and a banana.  Eating in a hotel continental breakfast…you eat what you can.

Snack/Lunch/Snack–I don’t know what this is.  From the span of 10:30 to 3:30, here’s what I ate:  two bagels from Einstein Bros, cherry poptarts, some almonds, a palmful of sour cherry gummi something or others, and water.  Sounds…healthy?

Dinner–Arby’s!  Large roast beef and fries.  It was delicious…I love me some Arby’s.

And now I’m home.  No dessert, because I’ve eaten enough sugar recently to kill a small horse, and lots of water to help my body recover from the climate and humidity changes.  Life groups tomorrow, then back to the grind on Monday!


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