>Day 89–Hello, Good Friends

>Alright…cat’s out of the bag. I’ve been in Abilene the last two days for TCSIT, an academic competition for private and parochial Christian schools in Texas.  It’s been a whirlwind of a trip, with little free time and less time to breathe.  Our kids have done amazingly well though, with many of them making the finals in their events and all of them competing and performing admirably.  Because of the nutso schedule, finding time and places to eat has been a bit difficult, and therefore today’s menu is a tad…different.

To everyone in Abilene I didn’t get a chance to see: sorry.  Literally my free time has happened around 11 at night or 5 in the morning, and I’m not overly sociable at either time.  I like sleep, and my body likes it when I sleep.  I’ll try to catch you on the next go around!

Breakfast–Half a cup of granola with half of a Yoplait strawberry yogurt.  It wasn’t my first choice, but its free hotel breakfast. Whatyagonnado.

Snack–A palmful of smokehouse roasted almonds.  It really helped take the edge off.

Lunch–Sharky’s…oh how I love thee.  Had a great time with Sarah, Michelle, and my new friend Brittany. They were kind enough to kidnap me and take me to lunch, and for that I am grateful.  I had a whole wheat burrito with chicken, potatoes, rice, black beans, lettuce, roasted pepper salsa, and cilantro. With a side of chips it was a fantastic meal, if not the healthiest of all options.

Snack–The rest of my almonds.  And I have a bag for the ride home. Holla!

Dinner–Little Panda…another long lost friend of mine.  I had the house fried rice and a mango on the side. Again, not healthy, but worth it.*

Dessert–Frozen yogurt with Leah Bouteller.  I had salted caramel and chocolate with a sprinkling of Reese’s chunks (probably around half a PB cup).  It was good food, but better conversation.  I’m excited about hanging out with her some this summer!

I dearly love Abilene…it truly is one of my homes now.  Coming back is a renewing experience, and since this is now the third time this school year I’ve been in its borders, I feel pretty darn good.  I could even see myself back here for an extended period of time some day…who knows?

*Worth it disclaimer completely dependent on me getting off my butt and working out upon my return to Sucktown–I mean, Houston–and getting back into a decent routine.  So, value TBD.


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