>Day 88–Crazy Eights

>Two important things:

1) There won’t be a new EE post tomorrow. I just don’t have the time. I might crank one out this Sunday, but for the ten of you that read it, sorry…I’m a slacker.

2) Due to an insane schedule, there won’t be detailed updates here either, at least until Sunday afternoon.  I will, however, try to give brief accounts of what I ate to keep myself honest.

Breakfast–Oatmeal. At 4:45 am. Suck.

Snack–Cherry sours…we stopped at a gas station. Those aren’t good for me.

Lunch–Taco Bell. Again.  I had three crunchy tacos, fresco style, and two chicken soft tacos, also fresco style.

Snack–Fiber One bar.

Dinner–Quiznos turkey bacon club.  Turkey, bacon, lettuce, on wheat, with a mango on the side.  Pretty good dinner.

Dessert–Small Oreo shake from Jack in the Box.  I still don’t understand why people eat there.

That’s it folks…pray for the students competing tomorrow at the various events! (That’s cryptic, but I’ll explain it later. Promise.)


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