>Day 87–Rockin’ the Early Weekend

>For reasons that will be explained later, I don’t have to go to school again until Monday. SCORE.

The one downside is that I have to get up at around 4:15 tomorrow. WHATEVER THE OPPOSITE OF SCORE IS.

…and that pretty well sums up my day.

Breakfast–Chocolate cheerios (I overslept today to make up for getting up early tomorrow) and a Fiber One bar.  Waaaaay too much chocolate for one morning.

Lunch–Hot dog, seasoned cauliflower…oh yeah, and a banana.  My life during school days is kinda blah.  This is why I enjoy weekends…the rest is nice, but the food is wonderful.

Dinner–Two peanut butter and peach preserve sandwiches with whole wheat bread.

Snack–As opposed to dessert, I went with edamame, with my special cayenne/sugar/salt mixture.  It proceeded to light my mouth on fire. Totally worth it.

As for losing weight, well…the malaise continues.  Perhaps things will get better after the weekend?


One thought on “>Day 87–Rockin’ the Early Weekend

  1. >Sup Stud! Sounds like your eating really well and really healthy! Try the Hebrew National 94% fat free hot dogs, they are like 40 calories or something ridiculous like that and delicious. (Did you ever think that I would ever give anyone healthy eating tips? lol) I just noticed you put your weight on the blog. Legit. That takes a lot of cajones (not for you, but for anyone) so that's awesome. Keep up the awesome work! BT

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