>Day 86–Baking as a Stress Reliever

>About halfway through today, my wild weekend finally caught up to me.  I was exhausted, had stopped up sinuses, a slight cough…and therefore I went home at lunch.  I can’t afford to get sick, so some sleep and fluids were necessary.  For my 6th and 8th period students who take the time to read this…sorry I bailed on you, but its better than the alternative. Trust me.

Today wasn’t a great food day, but I’m getting back on track.  I have this weird habit where the best stress relief I can get actually comes from cooking and baking.  Unfortunately, when you’re on a diet, baking can be a problem.  Now, I understand you can bake healthy stuff using applesauce and sweeteners (see yesterday’s post to see what I think about Truvia…) but lets be honest: good baking involves sugar, butter, and usually an addition of chocolate and/or cream.  On that note, I made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.  I followed the recipe in my Joy of Cooking (if you don’t have one, leave this page, go to Amazon, and buy one. Now. I’ll still be here when you come back) and I have to admit, it needs some tweaking.  I need to increase the chocolate chips and tinker with the sugar ratios, but they were GOOD.  I’m going to keep a couple, then send the rest to school with Abby tomorrow to minimize temptation.  After the nap and the cookies though, I feel much better.

Breakfast–Cinnamon Swirl High Fiber oatmeal.  Like I said…getting back on track.

Lunch–For our campus ministry team meeting, Brenna had the brilliant idea of getting Taco Bell.  Not only do I love Taco Bell, but they have relatively healthy options when you drop the cheese like I do. I had four tacos, which is 670 calories but 11 grams of fiber and a load of protein.  Good work Brenna.

Dinner–I had breakfast sandwiches comprised of 3 strips of bacon (around 200 calories), 3 eggs and 4 slices of whole wheat toast.  So for the day, with about 3 oatmeal cookies thrown in, the calories might a bit high, but I think they were pretty good calories and nothing too extreme.  Just gotta keep it up!

Also, I’m at 6,000 pageviews for the life of this blog, about 4,000 of which have come in the last 86 days.  Thank you all so much for reading and sharing my journey.  It may seem rambly (word I made up…feel free to steal it and enrich your vocabulary) and often times disjointed, but you have no idea how much its helped me become, well, less of me.  Here’s to 6,000 more!


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