>Day 85–Back to the Grind

>I’m falling off the horse here.  We haven’t worked out in three weeks, I’m not eating as well, I’m certainly not controlling portions…this isn’t good.  I’ve got to make sure I stay under control, because fluctuating weight is almost more dangerous than being overweight.  So here we go.

Breakfast–A cup of Chocolate Cheerios.  I really need to start my days out better, but after this weekend I couldn’t get myself out of bed this morning.  I hope to start out with oatmeal and yogurt and stuff better than chocolatey cereal, even if that chocolatey cereal is actually relatively healthy.

Lunch–Chicken teriyaki, snap peas, and white rice.  Admittedly, not the best lunch either, but I had a rough morning for various reasons…it was an eat and run adventure.

Snack–Cherry Fage with honey and chocolate chips.

Dinner–Chipotle.  I got a bowl with rice, black beans, fajita vegetables, chicken, hot salsa, corn salsa, and lettuce.  For once, willpower kicked in and I had water.  Been a while since I did what I was supposed to do…sigh.

Dessert–I made brownies, but I wanted to try truvia in them to cut down on calories.  I’ve heard really good things about it, but…eh.  Too sweet, goofy aftertaste…not a fan.  I’ll stick with the real stuff, since it’s cheaper, tastes better, and its easily controlled.  So thanks truvia; you screwed a perfectly good pan of brownies.

Not a terrible day, but I know I can get better.  Here’s to trying again tomorrow!


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