>Day 82–Dallas Bound

>I apologize for my late posting.  It’s going to be another late night tonight, but I’ll get around to posting about today…sometime.

Breakfast–Chocolate cheerios.  Trying to cut down on dishes since we’re leaving; seemed like a good choice.

Lunch–Grilled chicken sandwich and a peanut butter sandwich.  Also, pray for my student Khadeem Lattin.  Right before lunch, he fell during basketball practice and suffered a concussion, among other complications.

Snack–Fiber One and cherry Fage.

Dinner–Leftover Pei Wei: spring rolls and kung pao veggies.  Delicious the second time around as well.

Dessert–We stopped at Bucky’s on the way to Dallas, so the wheels fell off a bit here.  I had sour cherry punch straws, a Code Red Mt. Dew, and sunflower seeds. Meh.

Sorry this is so stilted, but I’m getting ready for tonight’s adventure.  I’ll report back later!


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