>Day 81–My Arm is Falling Off

>So I’ve had the opportunity to sub for Coach Washington this week while he’s in Chicago for the McDonald’s All-American game with Amber Orrange, one of our seniors.  He coaches middle school PE 7th period.  Yesterday, I played catch with Matthew Douglas pretty much the entire time.  It’s been a long time since I’ve thrown a football for longer than ten minutes, and it didn’t even remotely occur to me that I couldn’t just pick it up, chuck it around, and be fine.  Today, however, I walked into class, grabbed the pigskin, reared back…and threw it about ten yards, with some pretty substantial pain in my shoulder.  The good news is that I worked it out after a couple of minutes, but the bad news is obviously that I’M OLD. Dangit.

I also started hacking my way through the next Epicurean Epiphany post for tomorrow.  Get excited, because its one of my personal faves.  Potentially shouldn’t have knocked it out this quickly, but I couldn’t hold out much longer. If that doesn’t get you excited, well…I’m actually not surprised by that.

Breakfast–Peanut butter and peach-mango toastwich.  The bread was…whole wheat? I dunno. Glad to get out of here. New food next week.

Snack–Fiber One bar!  I know I said yesterday was the end of them, but oddly enough I found one buried in the bottom of my tub-o’-stuff.  Yes, I have a tub-o’-stuff. Deal.

Lunch–Salad with “grilled” chicken, carrots, and cucumbers.  And then I had cookies.  Boom.

“Exercise”–Throwing the old football around.  My arms might fall off. And by arms, I mean arms.  I throw with both arms because I’m amused I can do it.

Dinner–Pei Wei!  Had dinner with Abby and Lindsey, got my usual double dose of spring rolls and kung pao vegetables with brown rice.  It was AWESOME.  Good friends, and good food…excellent evening.

Dessert–After catching up on our weekly comedies (Perfect Couples=Awesome. Raising Hope=Eh. Mr. Sunshine=Why is this still on the air?) I had a Cherry Fage with honey.  Good way to end the day.

Here’s to Friday, and here’s to going to Dallas!  Wish me luck!


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