>Day 73–Yearbook Party!

>I was (pleasantly) surprised this morning by the announcement that today we were going to have a yearbook signing party at the end of school.  This, in itself, doesn’t mean a whole lot.  Teachers don’t sign or receive yearbooks so its not a big deal for us.  However, the yearbook signing party does mean one important thing: Schedule D.  I LOVE Schedule D.  Through crazy random happenstance, Schedule D aligns the stars in such a way that my lunch period and my off period line up next to each other.  That means hour and a half lunch.  BOOYAH!!

Today we also finished the book of Acts in my Acts class, which might seem a bit weird in Acts class, but…whatyagonnado.  It was an enjoyable discussion, and I’m ready to get into the prison epistles and finish this thing strong.

Breakfast–Cinnamon Swirl oatmeal.  It wasn’t the most efficient morning…shoulda woulda coulda been better.

Snack–Fiber One bar! Woo!

Lunch–The hour and a half lunch manifested itself in a wildly unnecessary but delicious lunch at Wendy’s.  Spicy Chicken sandwich, lettuce only, with a large fry and a medium Frosty.  I considered this to be a decent meal because of dinner, and the lack of substance it was going to contain.  And it was AWESOME.

Dinner–Sweet chili-soy marinated/glazed chicken breasts cut up and put on a bed of spinach with pomegranate craisins, sunflower seeds, and an apricot-soy dressing.  It was a great meal, especially the chicken.  Usually I’m not with it enough to marinate the chicken before using it, but I’m really glad today was an exception.  And the best part?  All of it I either had on hand or bought in my shopping spree for the week.  Two points for planning ahead!

Dessert–Strawberry cupcake. Best. Cupcake. EVER.

Exercise–Abby and I went for a walk around our apartment complex.  Two laps isn’t far, but it got the blood pumping.  I also did some weight work…I’m glad I brought my dinky hand weight back from Plano.  It’s nice to have around so I don’t have to hit the gym for weights.  Way to go purchase-I-made-four-years-ago-for-some-reason-but-you’re-just-now-paying-off.  Two points.


>Time Flies

>Its incredible sometimes to realize how much we change.  As I’ve learned from my beard experiments and running into people who last saw me pre-fat loss, even a couple of months is enough to change someone dramatically.

Never has this been more evident in my life as we began the inevitable retrospective on Jenna’s life for the wedding.  It’s still amazing that this:

Eventually turned into this:

My baby sister got married!  I hope you’re having a blast Jenna (and Seth)…I look forward to growing old and bickering with you until the world ends.  Love you.

>Day 72–Back to School. Yay.

>Le sigh. Spring Break is over, and its back to work.  The good news is that I left minimal work to be done when I got back. The bad news is that it could have been zero work and I was too lazy. Oh well…tests will be graded, paperwork filled out, and the world will keep spinning. Presumably.

Today also began our little shopping experiment where I’m attempting to buy all of our weekly groceries up front.  This will hopefully serve three purposes: 1) Save me trips to the grocery store and cut down on impulse buys when I’m in there every single day 2) We can plan our meals and have healthy options ready 3) Should be cheaper and healthier in the long run.  I spent around 70 bucks today for tons of meals…some canned beans, some rice mixes, chicken, vegetables, sausage, ground pork (for this amazing asparagus and pork recipe I found) and then some condiments (sesame oil, soy sauce [it exploded in the parking lot…sad face], mirin, etc.), more yogurt…it was quite the haul.  I’m interested to see how this all plays out!

I also really need to get back in the gym.  The physical and emotional toll of the week has slowly dissipated, and now I feel almost normal.  Unfortunately, for me almost normal is still fat.  That needs to be corrected.

Abby had a terrible day today, and that sucks because she deserves to have some good days and because she hasn’t had a break in about three months.  First she had to get up with me (read: early) and study, then she had a test exactly a week after boards started, then she discovered she left her car keys (and, by proxy, her apt key, locker key, EVERYTHING) in Plano, so that was some unnecessary stress.  If you could lift her up in prayer, she and I would definitely appreciate it…she’s too good of a person to continually get stepped on by life like this.

Breakfast–Cinnamon Swirl High Fiber oatmeal with dried cherries, and cherry Fage w/honey.  I ate a big breakfast because I knew lunch today was going to be a salad at best.  It was actually worse than that.  Side note: When I say “big breakfast” some of you may scoff, because lets face it: oatmeal and yogurt isn’t big by normal standards.  However, the best thing you can do to fill yo belly is eat a lot of fiber and protein, and high fiber oatmeal (duh) and greek yogurt give healthy doses of both, making it fairly large. At least by the standards of my stomach, which is all that counts in this space.  Back to our regularly scheduled programming.

Lunch–A Fiber One bar and a bag of barbecue Zapps chips.  There’s an incredibly awkward story from high school involving Zapps chips, and anyone involved may be laughing uncontrollably right now. As they should.  Moral of the meal time is that lunch sucked.

Dinner–Whole wheat penne pasta with some asparagus, yellow sweet onion, yellow bell peppers, garlic, red pepper flakes, and andouille sausage.  It was really really good, although after my scant lunch I ate waaaay too much of it, and probably reduced any nutritional value that was in the pasta primavera concept. Whoops.

Dessert–A single chocolate cupcake from my lovely sister’s wedding and a strawberry (variety! holla!) Fage with honey.  NOW I’m full.

I know I need to do better eating, and assuming our lunch compatriots hold up their end of the bargain, I should have something healthy to eat every day the rest of this week.  If they don’t, well…I have another bag of Zapps in my desk.

For those that haven’t scoped it out yet, my newest writing endeavor at epicureanepiphany.blogspot.com is gearing up for round two this Friday.  If you have any suggestions for what I should tackle, let me know in the comments section.  And please, tell your friends!  I’ll soon be featuring a guest post from Nathan MacDonald, and I hope to get more people involved.  If you know someone passionate about food, specifically the beauty of individual ingredients at their best, then let them know about it!

Shout out to my European and Asian readers…the stats section of this thing continues to amaze me.

Psalm 34:8–Taste and see that the Lord is good!

>Day 71–Houston Bound

>About three months ago I made the incredibly intelligent decision to take today off from work.  I assumed that after the emotional stress of turning my sister from a Henderson into a King with a flick of my pen came piling down upon me that I would need a day to catch up. Man, was I right. Sorta.  I really needed another week off, but they frown upon that at WCS. C’est la vie.

Jenna and Seth are currently living la vida loca in Mexico right now, hopefully enjoying a wonderful first night of their honeymoon along with some great food, beaches, and most importantly time together.  Abby and I got back right in the nick of time for my eye appointment follow up, and everything checked out magnificently. In fact, I currently see 20/15 in my left eye. Booyah.  Unfortunately, that means that I saw things all too clearly when I hopped on the scale after this week’s festivities, which shall henceforth be referred to as CupcakeFest2011. It was a great week for my belly, but it wasn’t a great week for my waistline. Ugh.

Breakfast–Cupcakes. Yep. My mom, bless her soul, didn’t want to make breakfast after giving her only daughter away in marriage, and I don’t blame her.  That did leave us in kind of a bind though, and rather than persevere and grab some Chobani and whole wheat toast like an intelligent person, I went with a chocolate and strawberry cupcake. Oh yeah, and a plum. Because that makes it better.  I suck.

Lunch–Here’s where the uptick begins.  We stopped somewhere in the middle of nowhere on 45 and got us some Subway.  I had a footlong turkey with bacon on wheat, complete with lettuce, cucumber, green pepper, jalapenos (including one that tried to kill me…), black pepper, barbecue baked lays, and a wildly unnecessary, un-Lenten, but (in my mind) deserved Dr. Pepper. They say a Dr. Pepper a day keeps the apple..wait, that’s not right. They say it rots your teeth. And they’re right.

Dinner–Stir-fry.  We got a bag of broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots, and I threw in half a red onion and 2/3 of an orange pepper, along with a cup of brown rice and some soy sauce/rice wine vinegar/spicy ginger sauce.  It was delicious.  I think I’m starting to get this saucing thing down, which is impressive since I usually don’t even like sauces.

Dessert–A Fiber One bar.  Thus begins the purge of the system.

Tomorrow we start school again, and it’ll be harder and harder to stay on track.  Tonight we’re going to plan out all of our meals to save money and increase health value/decrease the ability to stray and be tempted.  I hope it works!

Thanks again to everyone who reads this.  I get discouraged sometimes because I feel like I’m fighting an unwinnable battle (even though I totally rocked my tuxedo this weekend…) but I know that all of you are thinking about me and lifting me up, even if its silently or from afar.  As the Fotographing Fat Kid (But Not For Long!) says, you keep us going, and you really help motivate.  I clicked on the stats button on this blog earlier and was blown away by how many people care about my health (or are amused by how badly I fail…) and keep coming back to check on me.  Silent prayers, simple thoughts, and comments are all the fuel I need to get the next pound off!

>Day 70–Wow.

>So the Henderson family is down a member, which seems only fair. Started with four, we should end with four.  However, I’m pleased that our loss is the King’s gain!  My sister is now officially Jenna King, complete with signatures on marriage licenses and dozens and dozens of cupcakes (more on that later).  The ceremony was beautiful, we had our fair share of screw ups and mishaps, but at the end of the day, Jenna and Seth are on their way to Mexico to have a glorious time as a new couple! Mazel Tov!

Eating today was a little bit, um, unique too.  We woke up, rolled downstairs and my mom had breakfast fixed, then lunch was kind of on our own, and dinner was post wedding, and there were SO MANY FREAKING CUPCAKES.

Breakfast–Breakfast casserole.  My mom has this ridiculous concoction of eggs, breakfast sausage, and crescent rolls that she bakes into a pyrex dish (it can also contain cheese, if you so desire) and its pretty much delicious from beginning to end.

Lunch–My mom, sister, and wife were at the wedding place getting ready for the day’s festivities so dad and I were left to fend for ourselves for lunch.  We went with Baker’s Bros. deli, and I had a tuna salad sandwich with lettuce, roasted red onions, chipotle salsa, all on a fresh baked toasted bun.  Along with barbecue chips and a Dr. Pepper (holla!) it made for quite the nice meal.

Snack–Cupcakes.  I also had some fruit and asparagus, but seriously, the star of the show is the cupcakes.  I had one strawberry and one chocolate, and they were both fantastic.

Dinner–Some more breakfast casserole! Woo!  I also had a peach Fage 2% with honey, which is probably how I should have started the day, but oh well.

Dessert–Guess. Two of them.

Wonderful day, fantastic celebration, and now I’m exhausted…apparently when your emotional and physical limits are stretched all at once, it can take it out of you!  I want to roll over and sleep…and so I shall.

>Day 69–Oh Snap, My Sister’s Getting Married

>Today was rehearsal day, or as I move we rename it, everyone goes crazy day.  We got up, got dressed, drove to McKinney, and paraded around in our Sunday best (on Saturday) so that we can do everything right (on Sunday) and not make the bride have an aneurysm. There was minimal yelling, minimal temper flare ups, and I’m still not 100% sure I know what I’m doing, although if Jenna reads this before 3:00 pm on Sunday, don’t worry…everything’s fine!

It probably wasn’t my finest culinary day either, because I have a tendency to get into this mindset of “it’s a celebration, its worth it to splurge!” even when it’s just Thursday and I’m happy I hit all green lights on the way home.  Because a majority (read: all) of our entertainment budget goes to food, I see celebrations as an excuse to relax and enjoy what I consider to be the finer things in life.  That being said, I tried relatively hard to behave today, although all of my celebrating added up in the end, as you will soon see.

Like, now.

Breakfast–Two homemade cinnamon rolls. The same rule for the blueberry muffins applies to the cinnamon rolls: you try to resist, then judge me.

Lunch–Spring Creek Barbecue for the rehearsal lunch.  We had a small problem at my wedding.  We couldn’t have the rehearsal at the scriptural time because there was a wedding the day before ours.  Therefore, in order to get the rehearsal in, we had to do it in the morning. Well, having a rehearsal, then sending everyone home, then having dinner seemed…stupid. So we did rehearsal lunch. Best. Idea. EVER.  Therefore, Jenna took the idea, and it once again worked to perfection (for really the same reason…there was a wedding at the Cotton Mill tonight. Go figure.) leading to our barbecue meal.  I had barbecue turkey breast with beans and green beans. I resisted fried okra (I love fried okra!) and bread, dessert, and beverages other than water. Healthy meal, right?

Snack–Cherry Fage 2%.  Delicious as always.

Dinner–Here’s where the wheels fall off.  We had Chipotle for dinner, and you know what? I wanted a tortilla. I LIKE the tortillas. I don’t eat bowls instead because I like the flavor, I do it for my health, and so I decided to “celebrate.”  Now, had I known that the freaking tortilla was 300 calories (Actually, its 290, but who cares) I might have thought differently.  My burrito, by itself, with no sour cream (don’t like it) or cheese (don’t like it) or guacamole (don’t like it) was around 850 calories. Yikes.

Dessert–Two pieces of whole wheat toast, two tablespoons of Nutella, and banana slices.  It was a splurge, it was amazing, I’d do it again.

I kind of wonder what the scale will say when I get home.  I’ve eaten kind of well (haven’t I?) and exercised some and I still feel like I’ve gained weight.  It’ll be like a fun, horrible, nerve-wracking game!

Here’s to the last night of my sister being a Henderson. I’m glad she’s happy, I’m glad she’s in love, and I look forward to many years of her being a King!

>Day 68–Calm Before The Storm

>And so it begins. Tomorrow we have rehearsal, rehearsal lunch, and then something called a centerpiece party that I hope above hope that I’m not invited to.  Today Abby came to town (finally) and we started putting the finishing touches on everything for the weekend.  I’m excited about it all, but more excited that Jenna gets to be happy and the center of attention for a couple of days.  She deserves it.

I accidentally slept in again today, but at least I figured out why.  The alarm that I set (which hasn’t gone off. Twice.) was apparently set on silent.  Why in the world an alarm even has that ability, I have no clue. Silent alarms seem a lot like turning the alarm off.  So anyways, hopefully tomorrow I can get up a bit earlier and throw my schedule back on track.

Breakfast–Went with the peach Fage 2% with honey, and I gotta admit…it was pretty good. Cherry is still my favorite, because I’m partial to cherries, but I like the peach too. Nice to have options.  I also threw down another one of my mother’s incredible blueberry muffins because, well, they’re incredible. You couldn’t resist either…don’t judge.

Exercise–Twenty minutes on the treadmill with a variety of running, walking, inclines…it was solid.  I also did minor weight work with my little twenty pound free weight.  Not bad for a makeshift workout.

Lunch–Sandwiches.  Two sandwiches, on whole wheat bread, with peppered turkey, lettuce, and a single pickle stacker.  It was a great, filling lunch and fairly healthy I believe.

Snack–Green tea.  I realize this isn’t a food item, but since I did the whole “I’m only drinking water” thing over a week ago I decided to splurge with a little flavor.

Dinner–Snuffers, a burger joint in Dallas.  Snuffers is known for two things: its burgers and its cheese fries.  Neither are healthy, so both are problematic.  I behaved and didn’t get a burger, and I don’t like cheese so I avoided the fries.  I ended up getting the marinated grilled chicken strips and regular fries, which have some spicy salt mixture on them.  This is also where I plug my new blog, epicureanepiphany.blogspot.com, which I conveniently wrote on salt today. Check it out and comment!  Anyways, dinner was delicious, and my mom got the same thing so I ended up cleaning up hers too. And yes, I had water.

Dessert–A pink lady apple with a tablespoon of Nutella.  It was AWESOME.

Not a bad day, and tomorrow could get really weird, so I better enjoy the healthy stuff while I can. Check back in for rehearsal news!