>Day 80–Eighty?? Really?

>Man…time flies when you’re losing weight.  I can’t believe its been eighty days since I challenged myself to get healthier and lose some of my gut.  I think its been pretty successful so far, even if I know I could work harder.  Thanks for sticking around this long, or if you’re new to the Ignition, welcome to the show!

Today ended testing (thank the Lord) so tomorrow we get back to normal and I don’t have to be freakishly bored all the time.  Tomorrow also begins the awesomeness that is Amazing Grace, a vastly underrated movie if you appreciate God and history like I do.  I’m pretty pumped…and I bet the kids fall asleep.  Oh well.

Breakfast–I felt compelled to eat a bigger breakfast than I have recently for two reasons: 1) I couldn’t remember what lunch was and wanted to be safe, and 2) I wanted to jump start my metabolism.  I think I accomplished both.

Snack–My last Fiber One bar…rest in piece good friends.

Lunch–I’m not even sure what lunch was today, but I know it wasn’t healthy.  I had another salad, and grabbed some of the “grilled” chicken they keep in the salad bar.  It definitely wasn’t grilled, but it was actually really good.  I wish I had found that earlier in the year!

After School Activity–This isn’t food, but I wanted to celebrate the fact that I went to a restaurant supply store and snagged myself a chef’s coat for the weekend.  It looks really good…almost like its meant to be!

Dinner–My version of pasta carbonara.  I don’t like cheese or cream, so I went with bacon, crisped up and set off to drain, then I added asparagus and peas, then tossed it all with garlic and some rotini.  It was amazing, even if my portion sizes were probably a bit off…

Dessert–Leftover raspberry sorbet from last night with some Dove chocolate fudge to make it a bit more indulgent.  It was great, although it was unnecessary in retrospect.  I thought I wanted sweets, but now my body is informing me it wasn’t the greatest idea…which is wonderful for the future.  I love sweets, but they should be special, not a necessary stage.  Feels great!

So there we are…I’ll probably take a walk later and do some weight work.  Good stuff all around!


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