>Day 77–Well, I Made it Eleven Weeks…

>…before I got bored.  I’m at my lowest weight since last February, have done it almost effortlessly, and yet it was so easy to completely screw up today.  I do believe I’ve hit a wall, and it bugs me.

Perhaps working out more is the key–all I’ve done is eat well, and there isn’t much variety in that.  I also have some ridiculous stress levels (more on that in the coming week) that have sapped me of my ability to care about my weight, and I can’t stop thinking about cooking due to Jordan’s FCC event, and let me tell you: when you’re capable of what I’m capable of, and when you know what Jordan is capable of, simple salads don’t fit the bill.

All this is to say: today’s eating was a disaster, and I’m not really sorry for it.  I will try to do better though.

Breakfast–Chocolate cheerios.

Lunch–Whataburger.  Double whataburger, fries, Dr. Pepper, and some jellybeans.

Dinner–Three slices of Dominos (still gross) and three chocolate chocolate chip cookies.  And another Dr. Pepper.

So I’m sure I ate like 3000 calories today and I didn’t work out at all, but I did get a new iPhone and I should lift weights before bed.

Any suggestions/motivations to get me out of the funk?


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