>Day 76–Butler!

>I’m not even sure its fair to call Butler a cinderella anymore.  I mean, they appear capable of doing what everyone THOUGHT Gonzaga was capable of doing in the early 00’s–winning a national title for the mid-majors.  Unfortunately for them, they have to (probably) knock off the best team remaining in the tournament, and the only one seed left: Kansas.  Good thing Kansas collapses more easily than the Metrodome roof (too soon?).  Go Bulldogs!

In less eventful news, Abby had a softball tournament today.  Her team was the defending champion, and, well…they don’t have to worry about that anymore.  She played very well though, and has a screwed up ankle and a scratched up leg to show for it.  Chicks dig scars.

I neither went to the Farmers Market nor worked out today because I was lazy, the softball tourney happened, and then both basketball games were amazing, AND we had dinner with the Toys.  It was busy, just not healthy.

Breakfast–Peach Fage with honey and a bowl of Chocolate Cheerios.  I’m really a big fan of Chocolate Cheerios…they’re good and (relatively) good for you, as chocolate cereals go.

Lunch–Half of a leftover chicken breast from the other night, some brown rice, and black beans, all topped with sweet chili sauce.  It was delicious…I shall certainly concoct it again.

Snack–Really, throughout the day I ate about 4 handfuls of jellybeans.  I finally did the responsible thing and threw the bag away after picking out the cherry ones.  I love cherries.

Dinner–Brenner, two nights in a row. Booyah!  We had eggs and pancakes at the Toys, as well as really good conversation.  I also had two cokes. Oops.  In my defense, I needed caffeine to help me stay awake…long day, and I’m not used to being in the sun. Took the strength out of me.

Church tomorrow, life group tomorrow night, then back to school for the Testing Week of Wackiness, or TWW from here on out.  Sorry for the short post, but the brain is fried. I’ll try to make up for it tomorrow.

And welcome back to the newlyweds, the Kings!  Hope Mexico was fun!


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