>Day 75–Generic Rebecca Black/Friday Joke

>Would you like the good news, the great news, or the amazing news first?  Good news? Okay…we’ll let the excitement build.

Good news (non-Gospel edition): There’s a new Epicurean Epiphany post!  I went with Byron Dawson’s suggestion of balsamic vinegar.  It’s not as in-depth as the salt post was, but I still think its fun to explore all these ingredients that I use almost every day and learn more about them.  Maybe you’ll learn something too…click on the link and find out!

Great news: IT’S FRIDAY.  All hail the weekend.  I still haven’t successfully recovered from the wedding, and getting up early for school certainly didn’t help.  Going to bed and sleeping for a while should remedy that particular situation.  Also, heard a good word from Rob Bell today that was completely unrelated to hell and got to fiddle around with the Proverbs for a while, so it was an edifying day as well!

Amazing news:  So my good friend Jordan Swim, who is at least partially responsible for every single thing about me (why I’m a Christian, why I cook, why I’m in ministry, etc.), has this incredible catering service, Vestals Foods, runs the Culinary Arts program at Allen High School, and also does these monthly gatherings called Food Creates Community. And yes, I’m link happy today. Deal with it.  Anyways, his next FCC event is April 2nd in Dallas, and I get to help him put it together!  I’m pumped about all of it, from shopping with the local vendors to actually running service in a kitchen.  I’m also blessed to have a friend who is willing to let a moron like me in his kitchen.  I’ll be sure to report back with how it goes, and hopefully I can convince him to write an EE post sometime.  The man has forgotten more about food than I know.

On to what I do remember: what I ate today.  It isn’t pretty.

Breakfast–Two pieces of whole wheat toast with chocolate peanut butter, courtesy of Justin’s once again.  I probably overdid it on the CPB, but I also knew that lunch was going to be shady at best, so I tried to plan accordingly.

Snack–Fiber One bar. Because there’s a box of them by my desk.

Lunch–A piece of bread with even more CPB on it, a banana, and a bowl of lentil soup.  I scavenged.

Snack–Handful of jellybeans.  I forgot about them for so long, and then the bright yellow bag attracted my attention once again.  Freaking Starburst marketing department…why you gotta be so good at your jobs?

Dinner–We had two choices: go out and eat something not that healthy that also took up some money, or go with breakfast foods we had in the fridge.  Frugality won out, surprisingly, so we went with bacon, eggs, and roasted potatoes/peppers.  I had a good portion of potatoes, about 2.5 eggs, and 2.5 strips of bacon.  A delicious meal, if I do say so myself.

Dessert–And here’s the problem.  We had a movie night at school, showing Toy Story (a classic), and we also sold concessions.  Cheap concessions.  I had some sour belts, a sweet and salty peanut bar, and part of a Coca Cola.  I’m a failure.

I think the lack of calories at lunch probably evened out the disaster this evening, but with no exercise to speak of, it still wasn’t good.  Hopefully the Farmers Market and an afternoon in the gym will help get everything back on track.

Enjoy your weekend!


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