>Day 74–Oh Yeah…There’s Basketball On!

>You know its been a weird week when I completely forgot we were in the middle of March Madness.  Then, lo and behold, I turn on the telly to see San Diego St. and UConn duking (pun intended) it out.  It’s nice to have a memory like a sieve…means things are always fresh and new!  Oh, and GO DUKE.

Decent day at school; our schedule is going to get really weird in the next week or so because the seniors go on Senior Experience starting tomorrow, then the beginning of next week is our lovely testing schedule that means classes take a backseat to the standardized testing we do each year.  So…that’ll be fun.

Breakfast–Toastwich baby! All natural peanut butter, Fredricksburg Farms peach preserves, and two pieces of whole wheat toast.  You better believe its just as amazing as it sounds!

Lunch–Dilemma time.  We had a CMT meeting today, and we ordered pizza that was literally dripping with grease, so I went with the school provided option: a baked “chicken patty” sandwich.  Needless to say, I didn’t finish that.  But the asparagus and baked potato that came with it I devoured, along with a banana.  It was great.

Dinner–Abby abandoned me for a dinner at her school, so I decided to tinker a bit.  I wok-fried some ground pork, asparagus, and onion in a soy/mirin/cornstarch mixture that ended up producing a wonderful sauce.  The whole thing went on top of some brown rice, and it was a great meal.  Not sure the health content since I had to add some new stuff to the sauce (like mirin and a dash of stir fry sauce) but it tasted great and had good ingredients.  That’s really all I could ask for.

Dessert–Gummi bears, followed by a (much healthier) chaser of peach Fage with honey.

Exercise–Some weight work while watching the aforementioned basketball games.

Notice I avoided the cupcakes today. Points for me!


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