>Day 73–Yearbook Party!

>I was (pleasantly) surprised this morning by the announcement that today we were going to have a yearbook signing party at the end of school.  This, in itself, doesn’t mean a whole lot.  Teachers don’t sign or receive yearbooks so its not a big deal for us.  However, the yearbook signing party does mean one important thing: Schedule D.  I LOVE Schedule D.  Through crazy random happenstance, Schedule D aligns the stars in such a way that my lunch period and my off period line up next to each other.  That means hour and a half lunch.  BOOYAH!!

Today we also finished the book of Acts in my Acts class, which might seem a bit weird in Acts class, but…whatyagonnado.  It was an enjoyable discussion, and I’m ready to get into the prison epistles and finish this thing strong.

Breakfast–Cinnamon Swirl oatmeal.  It wasn’t the most efficient morning…shoulda woulda coulda been better.

Snack–Fiber One bar! Woo!

Lunch–The hour and a half lunch manifested itself in a wildly unnecessary but delicious lunch at Wendy’s.  Spicy Chicken sandwich, lettuce only, with a large fry and a medium Frosty.  I considered this to be a decent meal because of dinner, and the lack of substance it was going to contain.  And it was AWESOME.

Dinner–Sweet chili-soy marinated/glazed chicken breasts cut up and put on a bed of spinach with pomegranate craisins, sunflower seeds, and an apricot-soy dressing.  It was a great meal, especially the chicken.  Usually I’m not with it enough to marinate the chicken before using it, but I’m really glad today was an exception.  And the best part?  All of it I either had on hand or bought in my shopping spree for the week.  Two points for planning ahead!

Dessert–Strawberry cupcake. Best. Cupcake. EVER.

Exercise–Abby and I went for a walk around our apartment complex.  Two laps isn’t far, but it got the blood pumping.  I also did some weight work…I’m glad I brought my dinky hand weight back from Plano.  It’s nice to have around so I don’t have to hit the gym for weights.  Way to go purchase-I-made-four-years-ago-for-some-reason-but-you’re-just-now-paying-off.  Two points.

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