>Day 71–Houston Bound

>About three months ago I made the incredibly intelligent decision to take today off from work.  I assumed that after the emotional stress of turning my sister from a Henderson into a King with a flick of my pen came piling down upon me that I would need a day to catch up. Man, was I right. Sorta.  I really needed another week off, but they frown upon that at WCS. C’est la vie.

Jenna and Seth are currently living la vida loca in Mexico right now, hopefully enjoying a wonderful first night of their honeymoon along with some great food, beaches, and most importantly time together.  Abby and I got back right in the nick of time for my eye appointment follow up, and everything checked out magnificently. In fact, I currently see 20/15 in my left eye. Booyah.  Unfortunately, that means that I saw things all too clearly when I hopped on the scale after this week’s festivities, which shall henceforth be referred to as CupcakeFest2011. It was a great week for my belly, but it wasn’t a great week for my waistline. Ugh.

Breakfast–Cupcakes. Yep. My mom, bless her soul, didn’t want to make breakfast after giving her only daughter away in marriage, and I don’t blame her.  That did leave us in kind of a bind though, and rather than persevere and grab some Chobani and whole wheat toast like an intelligent person, I went with a chocolate and strawberry cupcake. Oh yeah, and a plum. Because that makes it better.  I suck.

Lunch–Here’s where the uptick begins.  We stopped somewhere in the middle of nowhere on 45 and got us some Subway.  I had a footlong turkey with bacon on wheat, complete with lettuce, cucumber, green pepper, jalapenos (including one that tried to kill me…), black pepper, barbecue baked lays, and a wildly unnecessary, un-Lenten, but (in my mind) deserved Dr. Pepper. They say a Dr. Pepper a day keeps the apple..wait, that’s not right. They say it rots your teeth. And they’re right.

Dinner–Stir-fry.  We got a bag of broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots, and I threw in half a red onion and 2/3 of an orange pepper, along with a cup of brown rice and some soy sauce/rice wine vinegar/spicy ginger sauce.  It was delicious.  I think I’m starting to get this saucing thing down, which is impressive since I usually don’t even like sauces.

Dessert–A Fiber One bar.  Thus begins the purge of the system.

Tomorrow we start school again, and it’ll be harder and harder to stay on track.  Tonight we’re going to plan out all of our meals to save money and increase health value/decrease the ability to stray and be tempted.  I hope it works!

Thanks again to everyone who reads this.  I get discouraged sometimes because I feel like I’m fighting an unwinnable battle (even though I totally rocked my tuxedo this weekend…) but I know that all of you are thinking about me and lifting me up, even if its silently or from afar.  As the Fotographing Fat Kid (But Not For Long!) says, you keep us going, and you really help motivate.  I clicked on the stats button on this blog earlier and was blown away by how many people care about my health (or are amused by how badly I fail…) and keep coming back to check on me.  Silent prayers, simple thoughts, and comments are all the fuel I need to get the next pound off!


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