>Day 70–Wow.

>So the Henderson family is down a member, which seems only fair. Started with four, we should end with four.  However, I’m pleased that our loss is the King’s gain!  My sister is now officially Jenna King, complete with signatures on marriage licenses and dozens and dozens of cupcakes (more on that later).  The ceremony was beautiful, we had our fair share of screw ups and mishaps, but at the end of the day, Jenna and Seth are on their way to Mexico to have a glorious time as a new couple! Mazel Tov!

Eating today was a little bit, um, unique too.  We woke up, rolled downstairs and my mom had breakfast fixed, then lunch was kind of on our own, and dinner was post wedding, and there were SO MANY FREAKING CUPCAKES.

Breakfast–Breakfast casserole.  My mom has this ridiculous concoction of eggs, breakfast sausage, and crescent rolls that she bakes into a pyrex dish (it can also contain cheese, if you so desire) and its pretty much delicious from beginning to end.

Lunch–My mom, sister, and wife were at the wedding place getting ready for the day’s festivities so dad and I were left to fend for ourselves for lunch.  We went with Baker’s Bros. deli, and I had a tuna salad sandwich with lettuce, roasted red onions, chipotle salsa, all on a fresh baked toasted bun.  Along with barbecue chips and a Dr. Pepper (holla!) it made for quite the nice meal.

Snack–Cupcakes.  I also had some fruit and asparagus, but seriously, the star of the show is the cupcakes.  I had one strawberry and one chocolate, and they were both fantastic.

Dinner–Some more breakfast casserole! Woo!  I also had a peach Fage 2% with honey, which is probably how I should have started the day, but oh well.

Dessert–Guess. Two of them.

Wonderful day, fantastic celebration, and now I’m exhausted…apparently when your emotional and physical limits are stretched all at once, it can take it out of you!  I want to roll over and sleep…and so I shall.


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