>Day 69–Oh Snap, My Sister’s Getting Married

>Today was rehearsal day, or as I move we rename it, everyone goes crazy day.  We got up, got dressed, drove to McKinney, and paraded around in our Sunday best (on Saturday) so that we can do everything right (on Sunday) and not make the bride have an aneurysm. There was minimal yelling, minimal temper flare ups, and I’m still not 100% sure I know what I’m doing, although if Jenna reads this before 3:00 pm on Sunday, don’t worry…everything’s fine!

It probably wasn’t my finest culinary day either, because I have a tendency to get into this mindset of “it’s a celebration, its worth it to splurge!” even when it’s just Thursday and I’m happy I hit all green lights on the way home.  Because a majority (read: all) of our entertainment budget goes to food, I see celebrations as an excuse to relax and enjoy what I consider to be the finer things in life.  That being said, I tried relatively hard to behave today, although all of my celebrating added up in the end, as you will soon see.

Like, now.

Breakfast–Two homemade cinnamon rolls. The same rule for the blueberry muffins applies to the cinnamon rolls: you try to resist, then judge me.

Lunch–Spring Creek Barbecue for the rehearsal lunch.  We had a small problem at my wedding.  We couldn’t have the rehearsal at the scriptural time because there was a wedding the day before ours.  Therefore, in order to get the rehearsal in, we had to do it in the morning. Well, having a rehearsal, then sending everyone home, then having dinner seemed…stupid. So we did rehearsal lunch. Best. Idea. EVER.  Therefore, Jenna took the idea, and it once again worked to perfection (for really the same reason…there was a wedding at the Cotton Mill tonight. Go figure.) leading to our barbecue meal.  I had barbecue turkey breast with beans and green beans. I resisted fried okra (I love fried okra!) and bread, dessert, and beverages other than water. Healthy meal, right?

Snack–Cherry Fage 2%.  Delicious as always.

Dinner–Here’s where the wheels fall off.  We had Chipotle for dinner, and you know what? I wanted a tortilla. I LIKE the tortillas. I don’t eat bowls instead because I like the flavor, I do it for my health, and so I decided to “celebrate.”  Now, had I known that the freaking tortilla was 300 calories (Actually, its 290, but who cares) I might have thought differently.  My burrito, by itself, with no sour cream (don’t like it) or cheese (don’t like it) or guacamole (don’t like it) was around 850 calories. Yikes.

Dessert–Two pieces of whole wheat toast, two tablespoons of Nutella, and banana slices.  It was a splurge, it was amazing, I’d do it again.

I kind of wonder what the scale will say when I get home.  I’ve eaten kind of well (haven’t I?) and exercised some and I still feel like I’ve gained weight.  It’ll be like a fun, horrible, nerve-wracking game!

Here’s to the last night of my sister being a Henderson. I’m glad she’s happy, I’m glad she’s in love, and I look forward to many years of her being a King!

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