>Day 68–Calm Before The Storm

>And so it begins. Tomorrow we have rehearsal, rehearsal lunch, and then something called a centerpiece party that I hope above hope that I’m not invited to.  Today Abby came to town (finally) and we started putting the finishing touches on everything for the weekend.  I’m excited about it all, but more excited that Jenna gets to be happy and the center of attention for a couple of days.  She deserves it.

I accidentally slept in again today, but at least I figured out why.  The alarm that I set (which hasn’t gone off. Twice.) was apparently set on silent.  Why in the world an alarm even has that ability, I have no clue. Silent alarms seem a lot like turning the alarm off.  So anyways, hopefully tomorrow I can get up a bit earlier and throw my schedule back on track.

Breakfast–Went with the peach Fage 2% with honey, and I gotta admit…it was pretty good. Cherry is still my favorite, because I’m partial to cherries, but I like the peach too. Nice to have options.  I also threw down another one of my mother’s incredible blueberry muffins because, well, they’re incredible. You couldn’t resist either…don’t judge.

Exercise–Twenty minutes on the treadmill with a variety of running, walking, inclines…it was solid.  I also did minor weight work with my little twenty pound free weight.  Not bad for a makeshift workout.

Lunch–Sandwiches.  Two sandwiches, on whole wheat bread, with peppered turkey, lettuce, and a single pickle stacker.  It was a great, filling lunch and fairly healthy I believe.

Snack–Green tea.  I realize this isn’t a food item, but since I did the whole “I’m only drinking water” thing over a week ago I decided to splurge with a little flavor.

Dinner–Snuffers, a burger joint in Dallas.  Snuffers is known for two things: its burgers and its cheese fries.  Neither are healthy, so both are problematic.  I behaved and didn’t get a burger, and I don’t like cheese so I avoided the fries.  I ended up getting the marinated grilled chicken strips and regular fries, which have some spicy salt mixture on them.  This is also where I plug my new blog, epicureanepiphany.blogspot.com, which I conveniently wrote on salt today. Check it out and comment!  Anyways, dinner was delicious, and my mom got the same thing so I ended up cleaning up hers too. And yes, I had water.

Dessert–A pink lady apple with a tablespoon of Nutella.  It was AWESOME.

Not a bad day, and tomorrow could get really weird, so I better enjoy the healthy stuff while I can. Check back in for rehearsal news!


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