>Day 67–Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad

>Thirty-two years ago today my mom and dad got hitched in Abilene, Texas.  Three days from now my sister and Seth will be getting hitched in McKinney, Texas. Love is in the air…every time I look around…

Breakfast–Before the food, let me say that sleeping in a king sized bed alone after being used to a queen with a co-occupant is WEIRD.  I haven’t slept very well, and I’ve had a horrid time even getting to sleep in the first place.  Due to those complications, I’ve been sleeping in much later than usual, so today didn’t start until closer to 10 am. When I finally got my butt downstairs, I had Cherry Fage 2% with honey and a single homemade blueberry muffin.  They were both delicious, but again–there ain’t no cooking like momma’s cooking. I heart those muffins.

Lunch–Chick fila, an apparent genetic weakness.  I had a spicy chicken sandwich with a large fruit cup and one of Jenna’s fries that I took from her.  It’s just a great meal from start to finish.

Snack–Mango Chobani 2% with honey.  I was working on my metabolism because I knew that for tonight’s meal, we would be celebrating. And celebrate we did!

Dinner–We had a nice dinner at Cadot, a French restaurant in Dallas named after its acclaimed chef/owner Jean-Marie Cadot.  It was definitely a typical European meal: slow, luxurious, and consisting of multiple courses.  I had a Bibb lettuce salad with candied pecans, Granny Smith apples, and a mustard vinaigrette that was absolutely amazing as well as roasted duck with an orange/ginger sauce that came with roasted fingerling potatoes, green beans, and acorn squash.  The duck was cooked perfectly, the vegetables were incredible, and the sauce was almost good enough to soak up with bread.  While I really like roasted duck, there is usually a layer of fat on the outside of the breast meat that can be a bit troublesome if it doesn’t all melt away.  I only had to trim a couple of pieces, so well done M. Cadot.

Dessert–I eschewed the menu options for dessert–none of which tickled my fancy–for some chocolate kettle corn, and it was definitely worth it.

All in all, not a horrendous eating day, and I got my car serviced and Jenna picked up my tux. We ran a lot of errands, but that means I didn’t have/take the time to exercise.  Hopefully tomorrow will be better…

Also, I started another blog solely dedicated to food.  It won’t have theological ramblings, nor is it necessarily diet related.  Check it out at epicureanepiphany.blogspot.com.  And yeah, I like alliteration.


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